Goatee With Stubble Ultimate Guide: Step By Step Guide, Photos, Benefits

Over the past few years, facial hair has transformed into an ultimate style accessory. It is simply not just an adjunct but an expression of the overall look and style.

What has changed from the last time when facial hair was in fashion back in the late eighties and nineties?

goatee with stubble

The answer simply is, men are now trying a variety of versatile and adaptable facial hairstyles. One well familiar among the lot is goatee with stubble. 

But precisely how is this style tried? – Let us try to understand.  

The goatee with stubble simply is a blend of a properly shaped classical goatee on the chin, mustache, and stubble beard. The beard outside the goatee on the chin and mustache is trimmed shorter than 5mm in length.

This style attracts significant attention and you will observe that it has embedded itself into the public consciousness. Let us make you go through a detailed step-by-step practice on how to trim this versatile style if you feel like trying this one for yourself.

But before attempting to adopt this style, we will have a more concise insight about the goatee with stubble for a better understanding and clarity.  

Let’s get straight into it!

What Is A Goatee With Stubble?

goatee with stubble

Until the late 20th century the term goatee was used to refer exclusively to a beard formed by a clump of hair on the chin.

By the late eighties, goatee became much popular with any facial hairstyle incorporating hair on the chin and mustaches but not the cheeks.

Stubble is the hair on your cheeks that is less than 5mm in length.

Stubble refers to any hair on the cheeks, immaterial of the fact whether it is medium, heavy, or light but the length of this hair must not be more than 5mm.

Anything more than 5mm is considered a beard.

So, the precisely-groomed style of facial hair on a man’s chin connected to mustaches with stubble shorter than 5mm in length on cheeks is what you call a goatee with stubble.

Goatee with stubble works on most face shapes and is specifically good for patchy growth. To get this one right, the mustache and hair on the chin must always be longer than what it is on your cheeks and neck.

Goatee with stubble gives you the advantage of not having to shave frequently; you need to trim your stubble so it remains within 5mm in length.

The whole concept is to have a long goatee that doesn’t have the same length as the hair in our cheeks. It has to be significantly longer. That’s the whole story in one sentence.

Why Should Someone Try Goatee With Stubble?

goatee beard

Trying goatee with stubble, the blend of two different and well-accepted facial hairstyles has several motivating reasons. Individual fascinations or a pull towards the trends of the day can be the established motive to stand out in the crowd.

Although there could be several reasons to try goatee with stubble, the below mentioned have a distinction over others:

Proves failsafe combo for patchy cheeks
Less shaving with a great style
Craze in mannish feel
  1. Proves failsafe combo for patchy cheeks

Having patchy cheeks means the growth of hair is not in a symmetrical condition throughout the face. Men with patchy cheeks have denser hair on the chin and the upper lip but irregular and thin growth of hair on the cheeks.

A large population of men at times is stressed owing to patchy cheeks. Trying the goatee with stubble style makes their day. Areas with thin hair on the cheeks can be concealed trying this adaptable style.

Trimming down the characteristically patchy cheeks where the growth of hair is thin ensures patchy cheeks are less observed because the hair is trimmed down to a negligible length. 

  1. Less shaving with a great style
goatee with short beard

A large chunk of men does not have a feel-good attitude to shave. Some develop irritation and lesions on their skin while shaving. So they tend to find some good reasons to not shave.  

On the other hand, goatees give you a perfect, squashed, and trendy look. But again, you have that frequent shaving needed to keep it in style.

The purpose is solved, no daily shaving, just the cheeks need to be trimmed twice or thrice a week. This is a great reason to have a goatee with stubble. Be in great looks on one side and get rid of daily/regular shaving on the other.

  1. Craze in mannish feel

Men trying to remain in trend experiment crazy through a well-accepted combination of a goatee with stubble. This makes them deliver that masculine feel as the incredible stubble with a finely groomed goatee adds a pearl to the crown.  

A well-blended goatee and stubble is the reason for many men to be in acceptance when it comes to adaptation and attracting distinctiveness.

Also, for a reason of change, men with a traditional goatee tend to try something as an add-on to mix a great deal of style. They, usually, take on to add fine stubble to their goatee and stand out in the crowd.

Let’s be honest. The goatee is one of the oldest and safest beard styles ever. But, many of us look weird wearing a goatee. This style is not for everyone.

However, combining the goatee with a stubble beard, in my opinion, elevates the goatee style to a whole new level because you don’t look weird anymore by not having any hairs on your cheeks.

The goatee with stubble is closer to a full beard. Our eyes are used to seeing full beards so the result is more natural.

But, that’s just my opinion, feel free to have yours!

How To Trim A Goatee With Stubble?

goatee with beard

A proper understanding of what a goatee is will give you an advantage.

This will benefit from exercising good technique and having trouble-free trimming and grooming of your goatee. Hereunder is a step-by-step process to achieve this without any difficulty:

Step 1. Cleaning and rejuvenating your skin/ exfoliating

Before trimming your beard, it is better to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin. Removing dead cells or exfoliation can well be achieved using a brush or scrubber or a special cream.

Exfoliation will help achieve better trimming, free from cuts and irritation. Getting straightaway to trim may obstruct the blade resulting in cuts and damaging the skin.

Ensure not to over-exfoliate.

Don’t make use of a cream or any other product mixed with granules. Such products can tear and damage your skin. For better results, exfoliate for 30 seconds in a circular motion followed by a good rinse with lukewarm water and dry up.

Step 2. Trimming the beard to goatee length

After the exfoliation, you need to trim the whole beard of your cheeks, neck, goatee area, and upper lip to goatee length. The length of the goatee hair can be the ideal length that you want to keep for a better look and style.

Make use of a beard trimmer, specifically the one that can trim stubble but also a longer beard. I will come back to this in a moment. Trim the whole beard in complete symmetry, especially on the goatee area and upper lip.

Don’t trim your beard too short.

Remember we want to have a long goatee that is able to be seen and just some stubble on the cheek area.

There are 2 ways you can do that:

  • Trim the whole beard at 8mm and then use the 2 or 3 guard to only trim outside the goatee outline.
  • Start immediately with the 2 or 3 guard and trim everything except for chin hair and mustache. Then try to shape your goatee a little bit better to make it stand out.

If the ideal length of your goatee is 8mm, you need to consider the length of your stubble to be as short as 2-3mm. All this can be achieved by adjusting the guards of your trimmer.

You are now ready with your whole beard having a perfect length of 8mm or longer. Let’s proceed to create the ultimate goatee with stubble- the final step.

Step 3. Defining the layout for a dynamic goatee

The final step of the whole process invites creating an outline to give the shape to the goatee. Trimming around the goatee down to 2mm will shape up the desired outline.

So keep your trimmer comb setting at 2mm and get the layout carved out by trimming down the surroundings of the goatee, cheeks, and neck to 2 to 3mm length.

You might not be able to achieve the perfect layout in the first attempt; it needs to be done properly once you are through with trimming down the stubble to 2mm throughout.

The natural way of creating a better layout of your goatee is to follow it in symmetry to the curve of your mustache.

To be honest, this beard style leaves plenty of space for mistakes because it is not as strict as other styles. Do the basics and you will be just fine.

Step 4. Wash Your Face Well And Check The Details

Once you have finished with your beard style, it is time to check if everything is ok. The best way to do that is to remove the already cut hair from your face and then look carefully at your mirror.

If everything is fine you are good to go.

If not, grab the trimmer and fix what you don’t like. Always keep your hand steady when you are trimming, especially when you are trying to create the goatee outline.

The lines should be sharp and straight.

If you are unsure about the position of the lines and the neckline, don’t take the risk. Use a ”high” guard like 8-9-10.

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You can always trim more but you can’t uncut what you have already cut. It may seem obvious but it is not for many of us. Trust me.

Step 5 Moisturize And Brush

We don’t forget the basics!

Our facial hair needs care to be healthy and thick. We avoid problems such as beard hairs sticking out, irritation, hairs curling back, and many more.

Apply a high-quality beard oil. It is extremely cheap. It will literally cost you around 10$. Also, brush your hair a little bit. Make it a routine. Your beard routine.

If your beard is important to you, give it your attention for 10 minutes a day and you will definitely get rewarded in the long run.

Best Beard Trimmer For The Goatee With Stubble Look

Our Top Recommendation: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s

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Runner Up: Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer #8685

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It has fewer guards than our top recommended product and personally, I don’t like its design so much.

But that’s just personal preference. The product is outstanding and also has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

Best Budget Option –  Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

I get some of you may not have money or simply don’t want to spend it on a beard trimmer and it is completely fine.

This beard trimmer is the best cheap trimmer by far.

Of course, it is not able to do what the other 2 products can do but it also significantly cheaper.

Its quality in this price range is unmatched. Over 50,000 positive reviews.

As you may have probably understood till now, on this site we simply care for helping men achieve their goals. We only recommend the best of the best products in the grooming space.

And we always discover the cheapest options because someone may not want to invest or may not afford a high-quality product which is perfectly fine.

Other Goatee Styles

So, you are interested in the goatee with stubble look but I get it, this style is not for everyone.

If you are sure if you want to wear it or not, check out some other more traditional and safe goatee options.

The Traditional Goatee
Van Dyke Style
The Extended Goatee

The Traditional Goatee

goatee style

The traditional goatee is a beard style that most of bearded men already know. What is interesting about the traditional goatee is that it is a style that has stood the test of time and it is worn by millions of men every single day.

If you want a safe goatee option, especially if you can’t grow a full beard, the traditional goatee is undeniably a great option for you.

Just try it!

The Van Dyke Goatee

van dyke goatee

The Van Dyke beard style is also a really nice style that many men wear. This style is named after the well-known Flemish painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck.

This style is simply, a fully grown goatee with a long mustache that doesn’t connect to a beard. Sometimes the mustache is handlebar but this is optional.

Really stylish look. You will definitely stand out.

Read our full article on the Van Dyke Goatee here.

The Extended Goatee

extended goatee

This is the last goatee variation we will discuss today. The extended goatee is a goatee that extends outside the traditional goatee lines.

More specifically the chin hair extends and is connected to the sideburns. However, the hair on the cheeks is shaven.

I hope you got a general taste of what an extended goatee is but we have also written a whole article on it, that you can read here.

To Sum Things Up

The goatee with stubble is a very modern and good-looking beard style that combines the traditional goatee with a stubble beard.

In my opinion, it is a very nice idea to wear it because the traditional goatee beard isn’t for everyone.

For example, we have seen people like ”The Rock” that wear the goatee and they look amazing and badass but we have also seen people with a beard and then with a goatee and we are very sure that the full beard was the correct way to go.

The stubble makes the style not look weird in my opinion.

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Also, because stubble means a short beard, it still hides your potentially patchy cheeks.

All in all, if you ask me, the goatee with stubble is my favorite variation of goatees. You can also combine this style with a Van dyke goatee like David Beckham.

And always remember, even if you don’t like a beard style that is ok!

It is still hair. It will grow again fast. Give it a try!

And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you liked it.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment down below and we will be more than happy to help.

Are you ready to make a change today?

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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