How To Know If I Can Grow A Beard?

Let’s face it. More and more men, nowadays, really like the idea of growing a beard. Also, more and more studies prove that bearded men are more desirable by women.

Many men just like themselves growing facial hair or they are bored to shave often.

Actually, there are plenty of reasons that men grow beards nowadays.

That’s why more and more men want to know if they can grow a full, strong beard that will make em irresistible and alpha males!

Is it possible to know if I can grow a beard or I should just wait? Which are the undeniable signs? Also, can we do anything to help beard growth?

In short, there are signs that you are able to grow a beard. If your relatives have thick facial hair, you have hairs on other parts of your body. To see your full beard potential you need to be over 25-30, you need to have a healthy lifestyle (Train, eat and sleep well)

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about facial hair in detail.

Let’s start the discussion!

how to know if you can grow a beard

How To Tell If You Can Grow A Beard?

To find out if you can grow a beard you should learn which factors affect beard growth and thickness. In short, the factors that affect beard growth are:

Testosterone Levels
Healthy Lifestyle
Daily Beard Care

Now, let’s analyze these factors one by one.


Genetics, as you may have heard, plays the most important role. It is by far the most decisive factor of growing a nice, strong beard.

So, if your father and your grandfather by the side of your mother have full beards there is a very high chance that you will also develop an amazing beard. If you want to have a really good picture of how your beard will look like, take a look at your father and maybe at your older brothers if it happens to have any.

This can almost certainly guarantee how you will look like.

However, if your parents have mixed blood with Native Americans, Chinese or Mexican then things are not very clear because most of them do not grow thick beards compared to Europeans or Africans, etc.

Testosterone Levels

The next most decisive factor is testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male’s main hormone and it makes men different from women.

Testosterone gives us:

A deeper voice
More hair all over the body (not only facial hair)
Strong Bones
Helps muscle building and overall strength
Increases libido
Decreases fat percentage

and many more…

Higher testosterone levels undoubtedly help the facial hair growth and thickness. Most men have normal testosterone levels however some of us may have low normal or high normal levels of testosterone.

Having higher levels of testosterone can cause a variety of problems such as atherosclerosis and heart diseases even at a very young age that’s why you should NEVER take an testosterone supplement before going to a doctor. It is also illegal.

You don’t wanna risk your life just to grow a beard. I hope this is clear. There are some ways of increasing your testosterone levels (a little bit) naturally. We will talk about them in a moment.

While testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for facial hair growth, other hormones such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) also play a significant role. DHT is a derivative of testosterone and is produced by the body in hair follicles.

It binds to androgen receptors in the hair follicles, which then triggers the growth of facial hair. In fact, DHT is considered to be more potent than testosterone when it comes to beard growth


what age can I grow a beard

Age is another big one.

Don’t expect to grow a full beard by the age of 14-15. If you already have a beard by this age, it is certain that you will grow a full strong beard when you grow older.

In fact, most men don’t grow thick beards before 23, and also both beard growth and thickness continues until the first 30 years of age.

If you have not grown a beard by the age of 30, chances are really low that you will grow a much better(thicker) beard going forward.

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All in all, be patient. Many men or young teenagers want to grow a long strong beard. This, however, will not happen often if you are under 23. As time goes by, your facial hair will be thicker and you will get rid of this peach fuzz that you have when you are very young.

Healthy Lifestyle

signs that you can grow a beard

The next factor that plays a role in beard thickness and growth is our lifestyle.

When everything in our body goes wrong, do you expect hair to be healthy and grow strong and fast?

Eating healthy and doing regular exercise is good not only for beard growth but also for our overall health and longevity.

Eating the right foods and doing weight training and some running can also raise our testosterone levels. This will have a positive impact both on our beard growth and also our appaearance. (less body fat, more body mass)

All in all, a healthy man is more possible to grow a beard compared to another guy that has exactly the same genetics and age but eats junk food and does not train.

Daily Beard Care Routine

The final factor that determines if we will grow a beard or not, is the daily beard care routine. Taking care of yourself, your face skin, and your facial hair can really help your facial hair grow.

Washing your beard and face twice a day keeps your skin free of dead cells and hairs. It also keeps dirt away and opens hair follicles so that new hairs can come out more easily.

Another important thing you should do is brushing your facial hair. This not only helps your beard have the right direction and cover your patchy areas but also removes dead hairs, cells, and distributes natural oils all over your face.

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It is always a good thing to put some beard oil or beard butter to your beard before brushing or combing. This will make your beard smoother and easier to brush.

Untangled beards are easier to comb and you won’t lose any healthy hairs by combing it. This is the last thing you want when you try to make it thicker, isn’t it?

Can You Do Anything If Your Beard Does Not Grow?

First of all, don’t get obsessed with growing a beard.

Everyone is different and everyone is handsome. Start respecting yourselves and care for things that you can change and have under your control and power.

The most important factor by far that determines if and when you will grow a beard is genetics.

All the things above are what you should ideally do to grow a beard. Don’t believe in these scammers that sell these beard growth product. These products can harm you.

Before consuming any product which is not natural, you must contact and ask your doctor. This is not optional.

Yes, testosterone injections or even powder can help. But, they can also let you to death. You want your life or a beard? It is that simple. Ask your doctor. If you have no problem with your testosterone levels, you should not try it.

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How To Raise Your Testostorone Levels Naturally?

how to raise testosterone naturally

All of these ways will help your testosterones levels raise up to a certain extent. You won’t see wonders. Because, at the end of the day we don’t wanna see wonders.

You may think I am strict or whatever but I am not. This thing is serious and I see many young adults or men under 30-40 years of age die because of this specific thing.

Testosterone levels must be below the maximum normal levels.

Now, we come back to our answer. Testosterone is the main male steroid hormone. It is produced in testicles and helps men have all these common characteristics.

Weight Training
Balanced Diet
Get Enough Sleep
Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

The first way to increase it is weight training. Resistance training has been proven to boost testosterone levels. Doing regular exercise also helps but weight lifting has the most positive effect on testosterone. Being healthy overall helps your body overall and only beard growth.

As a parenthesis, I want to add that high stress levels have a negative effect on testosterone production. By exercising you not only get have a nice body but also more confidence(for example in your relationships with women) and therefore less stress.

A balanced diet is the second thing you should do if you wanna raise your testo levels. Up to a point higher cholesterol and fat consumption leads to increased testosterone levels.

According to Pubmed, men with low-fat diets have lower serum testosterone levels.

Here, you will have a question. Isn’t cholesterol bad for ourselves? Yes, if you eat junk food, no if you eat salmon, egg whites, and other healthy foods such as nuts.

In fact, atherosclerosis is not all about cholesterol but about chronic inflammation but this is far away from beard hairs and I don’t want to be out of topic.

High protein intake is also beneficial as well as modest carb intake. All in all, a balanced diet is the optimal choice as far as dieting is concerned.

Quality and quantity of sleep is also an important factor that impacts our male hormone.

In fact, according to Pubmed( which is one of the most important libraries/websites worldwide) men with less night sleep had lower testosterone levels compared to other similar-aged men.

The production of hormones is higher at night. Testosterone is at its maximum during REM sleep, the deep sleep.

Get an 8 hour uninterrupted night sleep to help your body recover from training and produce its necessary hormones.

Avoid alcohol and drugs. This is not rocket science. Alcohol, drugs, and also smoking are extremely dangerous for your overall health and testosterone production.

Now, you will tell me, Hey Tasos I know 3 guys who are smoking and they have beards. Undeniably, beard growth is complicated. But, doing things that harm yourself will eventually lead to a lower quality of life including facial hair problems.

By the way, if you fear about high cholesterol foods, bear in mind that smoking is proven scientifically to blame for atherosclerosis and cancer.

The final thing you can do to raise your testosterone is to take supplements. Of course, not fake testo boosters, though.

Taking some multivitamins, a high quality protein powder and zinc seem to have a positive effect on testosterone. You won’t see wonders but they do have a positive effect.

Vitamin D and zinc seem to be the most impactful.

And that’s it with testosterone. These are the ways you can boost it naturally without risking your life.

Final Words

Everyone of us is different, we have different genes. Even compared to your brother you are different.

But, you can predict if your beard will grow. It may not be 100% accurate but in most cases, over 90% it will be ok.

Genetics plays the most important role. If your father, brother, and grandpas all have thick beards chances are that you will also have a thick beard once you reach 25-30 years of age.

We discussed testosterone levels and dieting very thoroughly because it is also very important and it is something you can improve. (You can’t change your genes but you can change your lifestyle).

Exercise also helps a ton.

Finally, taking care of your beard on a daily basis improves your chances of growing a beard.

Growing a beard can be a difficult and frustrating process, especially if you’re not sure if you have the genetics for it. But don’t give up hope just yet. I remember struggling to grow a beard for years, but eventually, I found a routine that worked for me. Also, age matters a LOT.

That’s it for today’s topic. I really hope you learned something and found this post useful.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment down below and I would love to discuss with you.

Are you ready to grow a beard this year? Take care of yourself and be patient!

Until next time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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