10 Day Stubble Beard: Trim, Maintain, Pics, Length

Do you wanna know what the 10-day stubble is and how to grow and maintain it with ease?

If that’s the case, this article is for you.

Over the past few years, more and more men are interested in wearing the 10-day stubble.

But what is exactly the 10-day stubble?

The 10-day stubble is simply a term to describe facial hair that has grown for 10 days after shaving. The 10 day stubble length is about 4-5mm(or 1/8 long) and it is very similar to heavy stubble. It is the longest stubble beard. Facial hair over 5-6mm long is considered a short beard.

10-day stubble

The 10-day stubble beard has made a comeback in fashion circles in the last few years and it is proved to be loved by the opposite sex. According to multiple studies, most women prefer men with stubble over clean-shaven or long-bearded men.

In this article, we shall take a look at what makes it popular, how to grow, maintain a 10-day stubble, the benefits that one can accrue from it and we will finally see some celebrities that wear this beard style consistently.

Let’s get started!

Understanding The 10-day Stubble Beard – How Long Is It?

Before getting to know about a 10 day beard, one should begin understanding what stubble actually is.

Stubble, in essence, refers to the intermediate phase between a fully shaven face and a burgeoning beard. For those accustomed to a freshly shaven visage, merely skipping the razor for a day can begin the journey towards stubble.

The term “10-day stubble beard” often conjures up images of a laid-back, effortless look, sometimes even dubbed the “lazy man’s beard.” Why this nomenclature? The rationale is simple.

On average, a man will cultivate this subtle facial hair length in roughly ten days. With minimal maintenance required and no stringent grooming rituals, it’s the ideal choice for those with a more laid-back grooming routine. And let’s admit it, we all have our laid-back days, right?

While the average length of a 10-day beard stands at about 4-5mm (approximately 1/8 inch), genetics play a significant role, meaning beard growth rate can differ from one individual to another.

Benefits of the 10-day Stubble Beard

Benefits of the 10-day Stubble Beard

You obviously want to grow a stubble beard because you love the look, right? 

But there can be more to it. Along with your love for the style, here are some other benefits that will make you consider the 10-day stubble beard even more.

Long beards equal to longer work and more difficult maintenance

We love the yeard and all other forms of the long beard. There is no doubt about it, but the fact is that the longer beard translates to more time for upkeep.

When you’re in a rush to go out, the last thing you want is to spend 10-15 minutes on getting your beard public appearance ready.

And don’t forget the additional grooming products you need to invest in such as beard combs, creams, brushes, oils, shampoos, etc.

This is where your stubble beard can come in handy because it is a low-maintenance style that you can get ready within a matter of one or two minutes.

The Stubble Can Hide Your Imperfections

Perhaps you have acne problems or maybe there is a scar from long ago on your face. The stubble can be a great way to keep these imperfections at bay.

Many men have also reported that growing stubble helps to prevent the recurrence of acne as the stubble drains away from the oil from the skin to the hair on the face.

But then maybe you don’t have acne.

It doesn’t matter. Dark spots and discoloration are also something that your stubble will hide from plain sight.

Age becomes guesswork with stubble

Bring in a teenager, give him a stubble and instantly see him add years to his appearance.

Now bring in a person in his 60s with a beard, shave it off, and let him grow a stubble. Lo-and-behold, he has shaved off years of his age too.

So, irrespective of age, men will look younger or older with a little help from the stubble beard.

Note:  We have mentioned extremes of ages, but this doesn’t mean that men in their 30s and 40s can’t wear stubble. A stubble beard is for everyone.

Women love stubble (scientifically proven)

Perhaps the most appealing reason for many men to grow a stubble beard, women love stubble beards the most among all other beard styles.

Multiple studies conducted by scientists have shown that women find guys with a stubble beard the most attractive.

The comfort and flexibility of the stubble

The stubble is an extremely flexible beard style that blends well in different environments.

It goes well in official events as well as is great to convey your laid-back, relaxed side to people.

A well-maintained stubble will look great everywhere.

Most importantly, perhaps, a stubble beard is apt for men who have sensitive skin.

How To Grow A 10-Day Stubble Beard

Now that you know a 10 day beard can make you look better, let’s get to know how one can get this look.

As we said earlier, a 10 day stubble beard is considered to be a 10 day beard look.

So, if you don’t cut or trim your beard for ten days, your hair will grow by approximately 4-5mm if you are clean-shaven. The one way to do it is this, but of course, it is not the optimal way cause you need to wait 10 days.

The other scenario is to grow a longer beard and then trim it down. This will let you have your 10-day beard in a matter of minutes.

To get your 10 day stubble, follow this step by step guide

First, grow your beard for around two weeks without trimming or cutting it. After two weeks, simply trim the 10 day stubble beard.

Step 1

You can either buy a stubble trimmer or use your regular beard trimmer. You will have to set the length of your beard to 4-5mm.

In case it has guard combs, what you can do is use the one that is 1/8inch or 5mm in length.

Pro tip: If you are unsure about the length you want, play it safe. Use a 5-6mm guard and then if you think it is very long you can trim it further.

If you cut it too short, it is over. Wait for it to grow again.

I have made this mistake many many times.

Step 2

Now, outline the 10-day stubble beard’s jawline, as well as the cheek line.

Shaving the neckline is always a headache for all of us. Everything else is super simple in this beard style.

To do this, follow this rule of thumb. Limit your neckline to 1-inch right below the jawline. You can keep the cheek line high if you want; however, ensure not to make it look too patchy.

Step 3

Before you begin, ensure to dampen your beard. To do it, use some pre-shave oil. Else if you want, you can make it wet entirely as well.

Step 4

Start shaving your beard and make sure to shave it toward the direction of your hair growth. This way, your stubble will not look uneven.

Apply consistent pressure as well while using the trimmer. If you have some patchy areas, put less pressure there to make it even.

Remember, whatever I may tell you, practice makes perfect. Just try it and you will master it in no time.

And that’s it! Congrats on your new beard style!

How to Maintain 10 day Stubble Beard Look (And what you’ll need for it)

How to Maintain the 10-day Stubble

Trim your beard every week and keep it the length of 4-5mm. This way, you will be able to continue maintaining your 10-day beard look.

You will easily find beard exfoliating scrub products online; better buy one and use it on your beard. This way, while brushing your beard, beardruff, as well as dead cells, will be removed.

On top of this, here are a few other things that we think you can do to maintain an excellent 10-day stubble beard look.

Buy a high-quality beard oil and use it regularly.

There is a massive misconception about beard oil, and that is that men who have already developed a beard can use it. Well, that’s not the case.

Beard oils are a combination of carrier and essential oils, which can help a person bring out the best stubble.

Beard oils have properties that will allow you to strengthen and lengthen your beard hair. Not just this, the oil also penetrates through your skin and moisturizes it, which is good for your skin.

Other benefits are beard oil will keep your skin feel hydrated, which means you will have a non-itchy beard and fresh-looking skin. Plus, don’t forget, beard oil will make you smell great!

Another thing to go for is using a stubble softener. Even after using beard oil, if you end up having prickly and rough stubble, stubble softener is the best product to buy.

When you use a stubble softener, it will make the jagged edge of the stubble hair feel smoother and better.

Even though using a stubble softener is not mandatory, if you would like to have a cleaner appearance and want your stubble beard to feel soft, you may go for it.

Is The 10-day Stubble Beard Attractive?

is stubble attractive

Rather than speculating and cooking an answer for this, we would instead like to go with what science has to say about this.

A study was conducted a few years ago by the esteemed University of New South Wales, Australia.

In that study, it was found that women showed more interest in men with 10-day stubble beards compared to men who were clean shaved and had full beards.

This research was conducted by professors of the University of New South Wales, Australia.

The study included some pictures of smiling men with a clean-shaven look, full beard, five-days of beard growth, and finally, 10-day stubble beard, and the images were shown to a few women and heterosexual men.

The respondents were asked to look at each of the photos and rate them based on their attractiveness. The clear winner among all the four unique looks was the man with a 10-day stubble beard.

The survey results concluded that both heterosexual men and women found men with facial hair to look more attractive, masculine, mature, aggressive, and dominant.

Women, in general, found the picture of a man with a 10-day stubble beard to be extremely attractive.

Even science agrees that a 10-day stubble beard can make a man look better and more attractive.

People with 10-day stubble beards are not obsessed with their looks; instead, they carry a laid-back and cool approach towards their appearance.

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Clean Shave Vs Stubble? Which One to Choose?

Gone are the days when a speck of facial hair was frowned upon in professional or formal scenarios. A clean shave was once revered as the epitome of professionalism, reflecting transparency and business etiquette.

However, contemporary work cultures are evolving. The shift towards casual work attire and a focus on ‘comfort-first’ has paved the way for the acceptance of varied grooming styles. Phrases like ‘casual wear’ and ‘easy-going’ are now integrated into the corporate lexicon.

While the winds of change are apparent, it’s essential to understand the impressions conveyed by both clean-shaven and stubble appearances. Let’s demystify that.

There is no one right choice here. It all depends on what you want.

For example, if you wanted to add definition to your face, you need to opt for the short beard.

If you want a light shadow effect on your face, you simply need to go for light stubble.

If you want to convey a fresh, youthful approach mixed with a neat and clean appearance, you can opt for the stubbled look.

So, it depends on your needs.

At the end of the day, you’re the best judge of what you’re comfortable with and what brings a spring to your step. 

5 vs 10 day Stubble Length

This debate can be also discussed as medium stubble vs 10-day stubble. It is nearly the same thing.

Some men prefer the 5-day stubble but mostly most men but also women prefer the 10-day stubble.

It makes us look more masculine without overdoing it with a very long beard.

Of course, this is up to you to decide which beard style suits you the most but if you want our opinion, we prefer the 10-day over the 5-day stubble.

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Best 10-day stubble beard styles

Having a 10-day stubble beard allows you to get nearly whatever beard style you want as long as it is a short one.

Our best recommendations are:

  1. The Full Stubble Beard
  2. The Goatee Stubble
  3. Stubble With Mustache

The first two options are pretty standard. The full stubble will only require you to trim your facial hair to 4-5mm or 1/8 inch long and create a sharp neckline.

full stubble beard

The traditional goatee is a very famous beard style that millions of men wear. Keep your goatee short and pay attention to the goatee outline. You can also use a manual razor to shave outside your stubble goatee to get rid of the 5 o’clock shadow.

asian goatee

The final beard style we recommend is a traditional stubble full beard with a long mustache. This beard style is not as popular but over the past few years has increased its popularity dramatically.

stubble with mustache

Celebs That Wear A 10 Day Stubble

jason statham stubble

Best Trimmers For The 10-Day Stubble

The most important you should do to maintain your stubble length is obviously trimming it down it grows very much.

As you know this is impossible to do with a razor that’s why every bearded man should have a beard trimmer.

Beard trimmers for stubble or stubble trimmers should be designed to be precise. We want to trim our stubble exactly to 4-5mm because that the 10 day beard length.

A beard trimmer with only a few guards may not be enough for us to achieve our goals.

Let’s take a look at the best high-quality beard trimmers.

#1 Best Of The Best: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s

This is the best beard trimmer available hands down. And surprisingly, it is very affordable. I can’t recommend it more.

#2 Runner Up: Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer #8685

This used to be our #1 recommendation before we tested Philips Norelco. This beard trimmer is amazing, some people prefer this over the other one. Same price range. Stunning product. It will do its job for years to come.

#3 Best Budget Option: Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

This beard trimmer is very very cheap. It costs around $20. It is a very good quality trimmer, of course, worse than the best options, but it is ok.

In fact, we have created a complete review on it.

If you want to make a small investment for your beard and master your game just get our top recommended product. If you don’t have money, get the cheap option which will work ok for you.

All that matters is how valuable is your beard to you.

If you are passionate about it and want to look great every day you may invest a little bit more. If not, which is ok, you get a cheaper product.

We don’t judge anyone.

Conclusion – The 10-day Stubble Overview

The 10-day stubble is one of the best and most popular beard styles amongst men, nowadays.

It is easy to create and although it needs often trimming; it is very simple and quick to do.

Women prefer men with this stubble style over clean-shaven men or men with very long beards.

The 10 day beard length is is around 4-5mm (1/8 inch).

Today, we also discussed how to trim and the stubble looks step by step and also how to maintain it. Finally, we made some comparisons and saw some famous celebrities that wear this beard style.

And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you liked it and found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to answer.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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