Tony Stark Beard Style: What It Is And How To Do It

Are you fixated with the style of the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist Tony Stark a.k.a the Iron Man? Yeah, who isn’t!

After all, he is not just any random MCU character. Played by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark is a cult silver screen character, and one of his signatures is his all-time stylish beard, which he never fails to wear like a hero.

Tony Stark Beard

It’s now a symbol among his fans, and if you want a beard like him, you better keep reading the article.

In this article, we will discuss Tony Stark beard style, what it is and how to do it with ease.

Let’s go!

What Is Tony Stark Beard?

Tony Start Beard

Tony Stark’s beard is unique. In general, it is a goatee. But, not the traditional goatee…

His beard style is very similar to an anchor beard which is a beard style that looks like an anchor hence its name.

This ”anchor” extends up but intentionally it doesn’t connect to his mustache.

This is very important so that everyone can see the anchor. If it connects to the mustache then it is not an anchor beard.

However, Robert Downey Jr sometimes wears another beard style the extended goatee connecting everything together.

Robert Downey Jr also trims his mustache and makes it thinner.

All in all, this beard style is very fashionable and unique. It is also amazing for men that have patchy beards because it does not require thick facial hair.

It belongs to the general category of goatees, therefore, it is perfect for men that have difficulties in growing a full beard.

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Important Tip: To replicate this beard style, you first need to carry a full, bold, and unshaven beard. It is from where you have to carve the Tony Stark beard from Endgame out. Make sure you have a heavy goatee presence, edges extending along the jawline.

What Do You Need To Have To Create Tony Stark Beard

  • A High-Quality Electric Trimmer
  • A Beard Brush
  • A Beard Scissors
  • Basic Trimming skills
  • Some Patience

How To Do Tony Stark Beard

how to do tony start beard

Tony Stark’s (or Robert Downey Jr) beard is not very complicated to be created but you should take it seriously. Here, we will see how to grow and shape this beard style step by step.

Combing Your Beard

Remember the time when you tried trimming your beard and it suddenly tangled?

Well, don’t take that risk here. Before you even touch a trimmer, make sure you regularly comb your full beard for at least a week to ensure there is no tangle.

Make sure you comb your beard both downwards and outwards to make it smoother.  This will help you to trim quickly without any mess.

Use Electric Trimmer

Once you have a full beard, you can use an electric trimmer to cut all the extra portions and carve your beard in the same way as Tony Stark’s beard from Endgame.

Do it super slow to make sure there are no mistakes, not even a tiny one. If you are unsure of the trimmer length, keep it between 5-7mm for a better look.

If you are not sure where to cut out properly, you can use a colour pencil to draw the lines. It will make the job a lot easier for beginners.

Once you cut and carve out the excess portions, proceed with the Goatee portion to give it a bold and specific look as of Tony Stark.

Shape It Like A Goatee

Next, you have to shape up your goatee like Tony Stark’s beard style. Style up a thin look, as per your preference, and pack it with thin flanks on both ends. Extend it upwards to let it touch the moustache.

Also, try to be precise when you are creating the goatee neckline. In fact, you can read our complete guide on this.

Oh, and don’t forget the Hourglass shape in the centre where your soul patch is ending.

Trim Your Beard with Scissors

Once you are done with the electric trimmer, you may proceed with scissors to refine and give a precise look to your beard. It will give you a refined, mess-free Tony Stark beard look.

Again, do it slowly since it requires to-the-point precision.

Shape Your Moustache

All going good so far?

Well, it’s time to shape your moustache carefully so that it resembles Tony Stark’s extremely thin style appropriately.

Remember, it should extend all the way down in a slight handlebar (kinda) shape. Hence, an electric trimmer is recommended to trim your moustache hair a few mm first to its edges. Use grooming scissors, if needed.

Again, this will require a lot of patience. You have come all the way to this, so don’t hurry or else your long efforts will be ruined completely.

Clean It Up!

Once you are done with the steps above, it is time to clean up the mess around you. Clear and wash your face carefully with a good cleanser to remove all the hair and make it shine like a star.

You may additionally use beard oil to keep your beard well and groomed all the way. While many may not like it, it is often recommended to a healthy and long-lasting beard.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you have successfully know how to replicate the legendary Tony Stark’s beard style in Endgame, it is time to show it off with your marvellous style!

Prepare yourself, get the necessary tools, read our tutorial once again and take action!

The most important thing to do in your life is to take action.

Everyone wants this expensive stuff or that beard or whatever. Those who actually do something about it, set goals, and strive to achieve them are those who win in life.

And as the Legend Arnold Schwarzeneger said ”Dreams are for dreamers, goals are for achievers”.

…And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you found everything you need.

Are you ready to wear your new beard style and let everyone stare at you?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time,

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