Asian Goatee: Best Styles, How To Trim, Pics

What is an Asian Goatee? Can Asian men grow facial hair?

If you scour online forums, you’ll be almost led to believe that the answer to this is a ‘No’ or a herculean task that involves moving the heavens.

This is largely because of the popular misconception that Asia has only people from the Mongoloid race.

However, we are here to tell you that the online forums are not right because the above question is inherently flawed and shows geographic ignorance.

To clear all your doubts – we will begin with a short geography lesson.

Asia is not one monolithic entity with all people coming from the same ethnic backgrounds. Asia can be divided into six different regions – Central Asia, Western Asia, Eastern Asia, South- East Asia, Northern Asia, and Southern Asia.

asian goatee

Each region comprises of different countries whose inhabitants do not necessarily belong to the Mongoloid race of people.

For example, in countries such as Afghanistan, India, or Uzbekistan, and Russia, among others, people are genetically endowed enough to be able to grow long and thick hair.

Yet popular media will have you believe that Asia is just China, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and hence the men here have weak beards.

Keeping the above in mind, we feel that it is time that the phrase Asian goatee or ‘Asian beard’ was replaced with something more apt.

However, for the purpose of clarity and keeping the present scenario in mind, we will continue to use the above terms in this article.

What Is An Asian Goatee?

While there is no formal definition of an Asian Goatee, it can be simply defined as a regular goatee sported by men primarily from the Asian countries of  Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Why the separate classification of Asian Goatees?

It has been observed that men from the Asian countries of China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc., usually have less facial hair than their European counterparts. Even when they do grow a beard, it is usually patchy or weak.

The prevalent hypothesis is that Asian men have lower testosterone levels and DHT levels, which are responsible for hair growth.

Many Asian men have been found asking for solutions or talking about their fears regarding poor facial hair growth on online forums. According to many of them, they feel emasculated because of the lack of facial hair.

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Growing a beard is a necessary ritual for many men as it signals the crossover from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, the discussion around goatees and beards has assumed so much significance.

How Is It Different To Grow A Goatee (Or a beard) As Asian Vs. Other Men?

There was a long-standing assumption that there is lesser hair growth in Asian men because they have low testosterone levels. However, this theory has been debunked with many studies being conducted that show otherwise.

Facial hair growth is dependent on a host of factors, and testosterone levels are not one of them. The environment in which you grow up can have a great deal of influence.

Apart from the environment, lifestyle choices, genetics, biological reasons, and how well you have maintained your skin since an early age all play a role in deciding whether you’ll have facial hair growth or not.

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The above is just some of the reasons why it is different for an Asian man to grow a goatee, but this is a huge field of study, and new discoveries are coming to light every day.

Moving ahead, let us look at some of the best Goatee Styles for Asian Men.

Best Goatee Styles For Asian Men

Short Goatee

The short goatee is probably the easiest goatee to maintain. Almost zero maintenance; you’ll just need to trim it when you feel it is getting longer.

Medium Asian Goatee

If you are a man going from a short beard to a goatee, the medium goatee can be the best option for you.

Chin Curtain and Goatee

asian extended goatee

True to its name, this style of beard starts from the jawline to the chin and extends to the opposite side of your face. It looks like an extended goatee.

Ken Watanabe style

watanable goatee

Ken Watanabe needs no introduction. An iconic look of his that you can try to replicate is the almost stubble-like facial hair, along with a mustache accompanying his buzz-cut-styled head.

The Asian Van Dyke

asian van dyke

Another haircut made popular by a celebrity. The Asian Van Dyke was popularized by Steven Yeun.

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How to Trim the Asian Goatee

Step 1

Let your facial hair grow. Ensure that the hair is at least an inch long.

Step 2

Before shaving, make sure that your skin has enough hydration and moisture. Washing your face with warm water helps to open clogged pores and hydrates the hair. Use a transparent lather gel to lather those parts of the skin that need to be shaved completely.

Step 3

Define the shape of your goatee

Use your trimmer without the comb and trim your hair to define the shape that you want.

Ensure that you keep the hair on the neck and cheeks to a minimum.

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Step 4

Check for uniformity as you trim

Your trim should be even but make sure you don’t end up shaving too much as you want to leave enough hair for your desired style.

Step 5

Rinse & Moisturize

Once you are through with your shave, wash your face with cold water and use a hydrating aftershave lotion.

How To Stimulate Beard Growth To Grow Your Goatee


There are probably few people in the USA who have not heard about Minoxidil, the wonder potion that has taken the market by storm since the last so many years.

It is famous as the go-to medicine for men who can’t grow hair.

Although Minoxidil was originally invented for the treatment of ulcers, it came to be used as a drug for blood pressure. Later on, it was discovered that it was most effective for hair growth.

This led to its creation in a topical liquid form for use by men who were losing hair.

Many studies and many years later, Minoxidil is still used for hair growth and hair loss prevention. Lots of adult males use the drug to stimulate facial hair growth.

The drug activates facial hair growth by activating the growth of hair follicles. It improves the delivery of nutrients and circulation of the blood.

Before, taking any supplement ALWAYS ask your doctor. Despite the fact, that I know what you should do, I am not a doctor.

Beard Roller

Along with Minoxidil, beard roller is another beard growth accelerator that is preferred by men who have the problem of hair loss.

Beard rollers are also known as derma rollers, and they have been around since the late 1990s. They have microneedles on their body, which makes tiny punctures on the skin when the device is rolled over the face.

When these punctures happen, the body sees this as an injury and rushes hormone-rich blood to the area to repair the tears. Thus, stimulating the hair follicles and triggering hair growth.

Beard rollers come with different needle sizes; however, the best range for beard growth is 0.25 to 0.75 mm.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens, also known as Velvet Bean, is an Ayurvedic herb that is part of the bean family.

Mucuna Pruriens has been found to activate androgen receptors in men who have problems in growing facial hair.

Mucuna Pruriens has the main ingredient of L-Dopa, which also triggers hair follicle growth because it acts as a protein and increases testosterone levels.


Facial hair vitamins have been proven to increase facial hair growth.

Vitamin E has been shown to increase testosterone levels, while zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium, and boron have also been found to increase testosterone and DHT secretion, which can lead to increased beard enhancement.

Best Goatee Growing Tips for Asian Guys

So, by now, you must be wondering – What do I do in addition to the above to grow a great beard?

Well, the thing is that the basic rules for growing a great beard are the same for everyone across the world, irrespective of whether you’re in the east or the west.

Here are some tips that can help:


You need a great deal of patience to grow a beard, especially if you have patchy hair growth. At least a month or a couple of months wait is advisable before you start styling and trimming your hair.

Use grooming products that are safe

Grooming products can act as boosters and enhance your appearance. However, ensure that you use grooming products that are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. As far as possible, use products with organic ingredients.


Moisture and hydration are absolutely crucial for the well-being of your facial hair. Keep your facial hair moisturized at all times.

Keep your goatee and face clean – Use beard shampoo and wash your goatee frequently. Washing your face and keeping it clean will also go a long way in stimulating hair growth on it.



While it is true that in some parts of Asia, men have struggled to grow a goatee or a beard, it will be wrong to classify an entire region completely as devoid of men capable of developing a beard.

Some Asian men are able to grow full-long beards. This is a fact.

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Sure, there are many others who can’t grow thick facial hair and that’s ok.

That’s why the goatee is still one of the best ever beard styles. Patchiness is not a problem anymore.

Are you ready to crush it this year with your beard style?

Even if you have less facial hair growth, you can style some goatees according to your preference. Best of luck with that, and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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