Beard Czar Supplements: Don’t Buy Before You Read This Review

Beard maintenance is a responsibility because not everyone is blessed with a healthy and luscious beard. One needs to grow his beard with care and wear it with pride because a beard is an asset. 

Beard Czar is quite a popular name in the beard nutrition supplement category.

beard czar review

Beard Czar is a company that offers a wide range of beard supplements, which helps in keeping the beard healthy. Despite all the claims of this brand, many users have said that it is a scam and doesn’t work.

Let’s find out.

What Is Beard Czar?

beard czar review

With the development of beard supplement products, one name that appears on online platforms for beard grooming quite often is Beard Czar. The company says that they have revolutionized the beard healthcare domain, and if you are a beard connoisseur, we are sure that you have heard about this brand.

Under the brand name “Beard Czar,” you will come across beard oils and beard supplements. These supplements are said to be good for your beard health because they let you style your beard just the way you want and groom it to keep the beard healthy.

The complete line of products will include eBooks, combs, vitamins, and of course, the main products. These supplements are not just good for your beard but good for your skin too because they nourish your overall skin.

Beards have come a long way, and many facial brands have tried to tap the beard market by bringing in a new range of beard grooming products.

This is the reason why the makers of Beard Czar started this company. They knew that it is time for every man to reap the benefits of herbal properties and stay away from synthetic products, which are of no good for the beard and the skin.

However, these are some of the claims made by the company and not us.

The company has heavily advertised its products, and it raised curiosity among us to find out the truth. What shocked us the most is that the brand initially had a website called; however, it is no longer valid. So, does that mean that the company has been completely shut off? 

Along with it, there’s another problem that we saw and read about. Once you buy the company’s products, you will be automatically signed up for their auto-shipment plan. This means the company will keep sending you every month’s supply and directly debit the amount from your credit card. 

Even though you are free to cancel the subscription whenever you want to by calling the company, reaching them is next to impossible. And now that the company’s website is no longer available, there is no way to contact their customer service. 

Users of this brand said that more than the products, it’s their services in general that upset them the most. The majority of the users had the worst after-sales experience ever.

Their money got deducted despite wanting to cancel the subscription because Beard Czar is no miracle product. 

Most of them, agreed that they were scammed. This is awful. We would never recommend anything like that to our readers and that’s why we wrote this piece of content.

To inform you about this scam. To prevent you from being upset.

Beard Czar Pros

We won’t say that we are impressed with how Beard Czar has advertised themselves, especially after reading so many bad reviews.

Here are some benefits that the company claims their products have.

  • Unique Dual Approach

Beard Czar takes an inside-out approach, which helps in enhancing your beard. There are two products- Facial Hair Complex capsules and Beard Oil. It is their dual approach, which makes Beard Czar effective in comparison to other similar products. 

  • Combination of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

Beard Czar is a one-of-a-kind beard brand that utilizes three essential elements: vitamins, minerals, and herbs. All these three elements work synergistically as a team. Beard Czar products help in reducing grey hair and stimulate beard hair growth. One unique thing about this brand is that it has incorporated Moroccan argan oil, which improves the beard’s texture.

  • No Side Effects

Unlike other beard grooming products that you will find are mostly made of synthetic ingredients, Beard Czar is made of all-natural products. Since natural products are said to have minimal to no side-effects, Beard Czar sets you free from all the worries.

Beard Czar claims that the company has tested its products and has found out that they cause no side effects. However, we beg to differ because people with susceptible skin may react to Moroccan argan oil.

But one can expect to see thick, healthier, darker, and shinier beard hair if they continue to use Beard Czar products. Now, let’s talk about a few drawbacks.

Beard Czar Cons

Despite all the pros of the Beard Czar brand, we found a few SERIOUS CONS of this brand. Here they are.

  • Worst Customer Care Support

A company’s customer care support tells a lot about the company. But if you end up receiving the wrong product or are a victim of their automated subscription, you will have to call your bank to talk about everything and cancel the auto-debit.

Beard Czar has the worst customer care support. It actually doesn’t exist. Many users have complained about the automatic sign-up process, which they feel is unfair since they never opted for it in the first place. Secondly, even if they wanted to cancel it, they couldn’t find a way to contact the company.

Hence, beware!

  • No Company Website

We will never recommend anyone to shop from a company that doesn’t have a website. It sounds quite bizarre that the actual company “Beard Czar” doesn’t exist at all! There is no website, despite having a website URL, which is It is currently for sale.

  • Beard Czar Is Not Affordable

If you still want to buy Beard Czar, keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of money. The beard products are not affordable at all.

We do agree that beard maintenance is a responsibility, but the price is something that almost everyone thinks about. To keep maintaining your beard’s healthy look, you will have to depend on these two products, which means each time you will shed a good amount of money.

One common problem among men is a patchy beard. Men do want to get rid of it without having to invest in multiple products. Beard Czar makes your beard hair healthy, yes, but it can’t treat patchy beard.

This means that people who want a healthy beard and eliminate the patchy beard will have to rely on another product to solve this problem. If that’s what is supposed to happen, why would anyone want to depend on so many products? Won’t they simply buy one product that will let them grow healthier, thicker, darker, shinier hair and solve the patchy beard problem?

We have understood through our investigation that Beard Czar seems to have too many cons, which outweighs the pros.

How Does Beard Czar Work?

The company says that the way Beard Czar works is quite simple. The two main line of products: The Beard Czar Beard Oil and The Beard Czar Capsules, both work in their own ways. We will talk about each in detail.

The Beard Czar Oil

The oil helps by eliminating dandruff and itchiness from your beard. It is a natural moisturizer because the ingredients are natural. Hence, one can use it as a moisturizer, and the added benefit that you will get is that it will nourish your beard for good health.

Users have claimed that the oil is pretty safe to use. The oil contains some essential organic ingredients, for example, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

Apart from vitamins, the product also contains Garcinia Cambogia, Coleus Forskolin extract, wheat germ powder, horsetail powder, and other minerals. One unique ingredient that Beard Czar will have is the Moroccan Argan oil, which is natural essential oil.

These ingredients work together to make your beard nourished, healthy, give it a good shine, and make your beard’s overall appearance better.

The Beard Czar oil will also let you style your beard just the way you want. Once applied, your beard will look impeccably stylish and perfectly groomed. It hydrates your beard, reduces hair follicle damage, reduces itchiness, redness, and hair fallout issues.

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The Beard Czar’s Capsules

Now let’s talk about the capsules that this company sells. Please keep in mind that both the Beard Czar’s Phytoceramides and the oil will cost you separately.

Men often complain about their beards feeling dry and going grey even if they are young. This supplement works by making your beard look healthier from deep within, more vigorous, shiner, and reduce grey hair occurrence.

Beard Czar Phytoceramides is designed to enhance the production of collagen skin layers. This ingredient accelerates the growth of beard hair, nourishing it from within and making it look darker and shiner.

How To Use Beard Czar?

By now, it must have been clear that Beard Czar offers capsules and oil. Each bottle of Beard Czar capsules will consist of 30 tablets. One needs to take one pill right after they wake up, else once the day ends. You choose which timetable suits you better.

The instruction doesn’t tell you any specific time set; hence you can take the capsules as you please. But one capsule daily when you are starting. You can have it before or after your meals.

And when it comes to the oil, you can use it as a beard grooming oil. Meaning you can apply it before you walk out of the house so that you can style it better; else, apply it right after the shower to make your beard more manageable. Both ways, the beard oil will work fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We didn’t find Beard Czar to be a good beard company.

There are way better beard grooming products available in the market. Beard Czar, according to us, began with a bang, but with regular dissatisfied customers, they eventually took down the website.

We don’t recommend Beard Czar to anyone. Save yourself from the non-existing customer support and website because there won’t be anyone to listen to you.

This article is 100% written to get our readers aware of this scam company.

Even if we prevent just one of you from falling into this trap it is worth it.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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