How To Brush Your Beard [Even If You Are New]

Having a complete long beard seems to become more and more popular nowadays…Some men, however, think that taking care of their beard, using the right products, combing it, washing their faces, etc, are too much…

This is probably why they have these typical stereotypes that men should not look themselves in the mirror for more than a few minutes a day like women do and so on…

But, things have changed. Men care for their appearance now more than ever before…

How often and how to brush your beard?

In short, you need to comb your beard once to twice a day. Start by brushing your beard up and outward starting from your neckline. This helps your beard look more complete, it removes all the dead hairs and also separates them. Next, you will need to brush your beard down from the top all the way to your neckline.

This article will help you improve your beard appearance by combing it the right way which will undeniably raise your confidence and make you more desirable…

You can adjust this guide depending on your preferences and your style but this is what most of you will do to create the best result for yourselves.

Now, we will discuss the benefits of brushing/combing your beard, the reasons we brush it up and then down and also some more questions most of you have…

So, should you comb your beard up or down?

Let’s dive in.

Which Are The Benefits Of Combing Your Beard?

beard combing benefits

Before we learn exactly how we should brush our beards, it is very important to understand why we do what we do, otherwise, we will forget to do it or we will not do it properly.

Here are the benefits of combing your beard:

  • It trains the beard to grow in a desirable direction
  • It removes dead hairs
  • It helps cleaning your beard from things like food(men with really long beards and moustaches understand)
  • It makes your beard look more complete
  • It distributes beard care products(oil, balms, etc( evenly
  • It helps with styling and sharpness
  • Your skin will have some space to breathe

And more…

The benefits of brushing your beard are really significant. And to be honest, it is not difficult or time-consuming whatsoever. It just has to become a habit.

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For example, you wake up wash your teeth then wash your face and comb your beard every single day of the year. You don’t even think about it. You get up and you go straight into this process that will take you like 15 minutes at most.

Types of Beard Brushes

There are several types of beard brushes available on the market today, each with its own unique design and purpose. Here are some of the most common types of beard brushes:

  1. Boar Bristle Beard Brushes: These brushes are made with natural boar bristles, which are gentle on the skin and help to distribute natural oils evenly throughout the beard. Boar bristle brushes are perfect for those with shorter, straighter beards.
  2. Synthetic Bristle Beard Brushes: Synthetic bristle brushes are typically made with nylon or other synthetic materials. They can be a good choice for those with sensitive skin, as they are less likely to cause irritation. However, synthetic bristle brushes may not be as effective as boar bristle brushes at distributing natural oils throughout the beard.
  3. Wooden Beard Brushes: Wooden beard brushes are typically made with natural wood, such as bamboo or beechwood. They can be a great choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly option. Wooden brushes are also less likely to produce static electricity than plastic or metal brushes.

How To Brush Your Beard And Why? Step 1: Up

brush beard up

Our main goal is to brush our beard down right? It is exactly the same process as we do when we use wax for hair styling. 

Sorry, my bald friends that I give this example but if you want to use wax on your hair, you first try to distribute a small quantity of it and spread it evenly keeping your hair down. 

Then, when you are finished you try to move your hair towards the direction you want but all the hard work was done before by keeping the hair down spreading all the wax all over it after you warm it up.

This is also how beards work. You need to brush them in the opposite direction of your desired direction. Here are the most important reasons that we brush beard up, first.

  • It helps beard styling
  • It makes your beard look fuller and more complete
  • It reduces split ends and renews beard hairs

Beard styling is not rocket science or anything like that. In fact, it is an easy thing to do. It just requires 10-15 minutes a day and you are fine. 

If you really care about your beard and your appearance (for yourself or you just wanna impress girls, etc), 10-15 minutes a day is not a big deal, right?

If your facial hair is tangled or some of your hairs have opposite direction than others, it will be impossible for you to have an amazing beard. 

Combing your hair up, literally creates the freedom for beard styling later on. Don’t skip it!

Step 2: Brush Your Beard Down And Why?

brush your beard down

Combing your beard back down is obviously a must thing to do, otherwise you may look very weird to be honest. But, in general, the reasons you wanna comb your beard down are:

  • It looks much better
  • You train the beard to grow in the right direction
  • You keep removing dead hairs out of your face

When it comes to beard combing, combing your beard down is what gives this sharp, alpha male look, that I am pretty sure we all want.

In fact, if you comb your beard up and you let it be there, or you grow a 2-3 month beard and you never brush it, probably you won’t look amazing as you may suppose…

The second benefit of combing down is that you train your beard.

Yes, this is true.

It is exactly the same as when you are shaving your face. If you use a razor always moving down (let’s say from cheeks to the neckline) for years your facial hair will tend to grow in this direction

Makes sense?

The same applies to beards. But, if you comb it for 3 days, don’t expect that it will explode and it will be in the right direction forever.

The whole process takes time. It may take years.

But, at the end of the day, it is a very easy and simple process. And it doesn’t require anything else other than a comb or if your beard is too long a brush. This may cost you $15-30 and you will have it for years…So, no excuses guys.

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The final benefit that brushing your beard down has is that it removes dead hairs from your face, giving space for your skin to breath but also for new hairs to grow.

This is good for a healthy face and a healthy beard. Don’t underestimate it because many people tell me i have acne, I have this or that what should I do?

And they don’t do anything about themselves. They let it grow without taking care of it at all…This is very disappointing because it takes me literally 15 minutes to wash my face, apply oils, balms, and stuff and brush it. Don’t you have 15 minutes for yourself per day?

Here is our best-recommended beard brush.

Do I Need A Beard Comb?

The short answer is yes.

Ιf you plan to grow a beard for months or even years yes you need it.

Some people also ask me, can I use my regular hair comb for my beard?

Beard hair is different. It grows in different directions, it can become curly and tidy and hairs may stick out. Using a brush or comb that is made for beards is my recommendation.

You don’t want to have pain, or pull your beard hairs out…

Beard combs are more polished, specifically made to separate and remove the dead hairs from these compact long beards. In my opinion, it is not worth it because it is not an item that costs $300.

It is a cheap item that you will have for lifetime if you wash it. But, feel free to do whatever you like!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Comb Beard Straight?

If you have a really long, messy beard you will have a hard time to make it look good without brushing it.
But, this alone in most cases is not enough.
What you should do if you a very long beard and you want to transform it into an amazing well shaped, sharp beard is to grab a ceramic straightening brush.
Yes, these things are not only for women hair or anything like that. This brush will messy, rounded beard into a beast.

How To Choose The Correct Brush?

When it comes to brush selection, it all comes up to quality. Your beard looks as good as the quality of the tools you use to take care of it.
Avoid combs that can produce static electricity because this is the last thing you wanna have.

How To Comb Beard Under Chin?

Which direction to brush beard under the chin?
A great way to comb beard under the chin is to comb it downwards. But, as we have discussed we first brush it up and then downwards. Your beard will look fuller, untangled and sharper.

What Are The Differences Between Comb And Brush?

Most times, when we talk about beards combs and brushes we don’t distinguish them. But, combs and brushes are slightly different. Combs help you untangle hairs while brushes help by distributing natural oils to hairs, massage and open hair follicles.

Final Words

Beard brushing is a very important component of a healthy beard. Some men used to think that it is not good for men to care about their appearance as much as women but this is totally wrong.

First of all, combing your beard does not make you less alpha male and it does not require more than 15-20 minutes a day.

On the other hand, having a sharper, cleaner beard will give you confidence, will enhance your appearance and make you look way more desirable…

The correct way of combing your beard is firstly by combing it up and out, remove all dead hairs and untangle it. Then, you will need to comb it back down and style it the way you want. 

Using oils and balms, obviously, moisturizes your skin, makes brushing easier and fewer hairs are pulled out. 

Brushing your beard (and shaving) also teaches it to grow in a specific direction. This won’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

And…that’s it for today.

I hope this article helped you understand the importance and the benefits of combing your beard and also if you should comb your beard up or down…

If you have any questions or you just want to share your thoughts on the topic feel free to comment below, I would love to talk to you.

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe,


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