How To Eat With A Beard: Best Ways To Keep Your Beard Clean

A beard is loved by many, and so is food. But these two things together seem like a no-go!

Bread crumbs can get stuck, pasta can fall, and even juice can end up dripping straight into the beard. So, if you are a bearded man and a hardcore foodie, you definitely have a hard time eating and drinking freely, don’t you?

how to eat when you have a beard

In fact, eating certain foods or even drinking certain things such as any coffee with cream are some of the most challenging things for a long-bearded man.

However, is there anything you can do to eat with a beard without making it dirty?

In short, cut your food into smaller pieces. That’s how you won’t end up messing your beard. Never overload your spoon or fork, and even when grabbing food items with your hands, try to cut them into small pieces and then have them. Also, carry wipes, tie your beard, use straws and lids.

These are some of the ways you can keep your beard clean. If you wanna learn more keep reading!

In this article, we will address the problem of eating and drinking while having a long beard and mustache.

Let’s get started.

Why Is It Difficult To Eat With A Beard?

Eat With A Beard

Beard is a prized possession for any man, but that doesn’t mean they will stop eating just because of the lingering fear.

The main reason why it is difficult to eat with a beard is pretty apparent, and that is food items getting stuck. No matter what you eat, you will either see tiny pieces of food items inside your beard or things like ice cream forming a layer on top of your facial hair.

If you also have a long mustache, it is even more challenging!

Seeing food particles in your beard is not even the problem; it is the after-effects of it. Beard can easily attract a lot of germs, and when it goes uncleaned, it becomes the resting place for all kinds of germs and bacteria.

Skin irritation and beard smelling bad are the 2 most common problems that bacteria can cause.

The fear that a beard might catch germs through food items also makes it difficult to eat. However, having a beard should not mean that you won’t be eating things you love the most.

Let’s discuss the best way to eat with a beard.

Best Ways To Keep Your Beard Clean While Eating

Keep Your Beard Clean While Eating

None of these ways is 100% effective. There isn’t such thing when it comes to eating without staining our beards at all.

However, these are the best weapon we have. Use them.

Use Utensils While Eating

Whenever you eat, make sure to use utensils, such as a fork and spoon. I know when you see that burger you just want to put your head down and start destroying it. I get you. But, you should deal with it wisely.

If you are anywhere where there is a bathroom where you can wash your beard just eat the way you want. But, if there is not or you are in an expensive restaurant with a girl, etc play it safe.

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Forks and spoons are not your go-to utensils while eating a burger, a slice of pizza, or a burrito, but if you want to keep your beard clean, you should use them, literally for everything you eat.

When you use a knife, fork, and spoon, you will cut the big chunks of food items. Also, spoon and fork make us eat properly; this means that your total concentration would be on how to eat while keeping your beard as clean as humanly possible!

Never Overload

Here’s a common mistake that bearded guys make! They overload their spoon and fork. We know some things are simply hard to resist, but why in a hurry when you can enjoy them slowly? Also, slow eating is good for digestion. See, double win!

While putting food on your spoon or fork, keep an eye on the amount. Don’t overload, and go slow while eating. This way, there won’t be any food spillage.

Hold Your Beard

Those with a short beard don’t have to worry about anything, and in fact, they can eat like everyone else. It is the long-bearded guys who will have to be conscious.

Since eating food will require one hand only, you can always use the other hand to hold your beard.

Carry Some Baby Wipes

Baby wipes for the beard? We bet; this is the thought that came to your mind when you read the tip.

But baby wipes are pretty handy not just for the baby, but even for the grown-ups! Baby wipes are soft and can easily let you clean your beard after you spill some drinks or when you see food pieces inside your beard.

And no matter how messy your meal is, you can grab a baby wipe, quickly clean your face, and keep unwanted residues at bay.

Tie Your Beard

If you have a long beard, here’s another thing that you can do. Grab a small hairband, not the decorative ones, the small, black ones, and tie your beard.

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Flowy beard hair is more prone to attract food particles and also food particles are more difficult to be removed from a flowy long beard.

Beard Cover For Eating

Honestly, this is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life. However, in some cases it is useful. I don’t know if anyone would like it but I have to let you know all the possible ways to protect your facial hair from food. That’s the only reason I briefly talk about it.

How To Drink With A Beard And Mustache?

how to drink with a beard

Dinking beverages can be as messy as eating food, especially then when you have a thing for coffee with cream, beers, milkshakes, and more. Luckily, we have some tips that will let you enjoy your drinks.

Use Straws

Whenever you drink, use a straw.

This is arguably the cheapest and the most effective way to keep your beard clean. Almost every restaurant will provide you with a straw when they serve a drink, but you can be your boss and carry one along with you too.

Use Lids

If you are drinking coffee, soda, tea, and latte, cover them with lids. This is how you won’t ruin your beard. If you are brewing coffee at home, then buy built-in guard mugs. This way, foams will stay away from your beard.

Get To Know About the Most Problematic Foods And Drinks

No matter how much you love food and would like to try something new, there are a few problematic foods and drinks that you should know about.

Follow the tips that we have shared above, and you should be able to eat and drink them just right!


Now, who doesn’t love a delicious bowl of pasta! But we don’t need to tell you that pasta is super greasy, which means they are super messy. Pasta becomes pretty tricky to eat for anyone without making a mess, and when it is a bearded man eating it, you can guess what can happen.

Those luscious long noodles covered in a white or red sauce can easily get stuck in the beard. Most of the time, it is not the pasta that is the culprit, but the sauce.

Overloaded Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the best thing that has happened in the food world. They are easy to grab, quick to eat, and pretty filling. If you are hungry, just get a sandwich and have it whenever you want.

But sandwiches will have bread on both sides with sauce, condiments, and toppings. And it shouldn’t come out as a surprise that they can fall.


Delicious, hearty soups are the best for a cold winter night. Soups falling down from the spoon is an age-old story, and ask a bearded man, and they will tell you that they often experience it. Creamy soups are the worst at falling!

Beer, Coffee, Milkshake

The three tastier drinks that are always hard to resist also fall under problematic drinks. They are delicious and so foamy, but once you take a sip, you see it getting trapped in the mustache. Those extra-thick milkshakes are much worse!

Ice Cream

Millions of men worldwide love eating ice cream! However, if you are a bearded man you have noticed how difficult it is to eat an ice cream. It is very tough to get it right.

If you ask me, don’t avoid eating ice cream. But always make sure there is a place near you where you can wash your beard. Also, never forget your wipes, gentlemen!

Frequently Asked Questions


Managing your beard properly while eating will let you keep your beard clean and away from germs and bacteria.

Maintain facial grooming hygiene, and wash your beard daily. If your beard has been messed up with foods and beverages, make sure to give it a good wash once you are home.

While eating out, make sure you cut your food into small pieces so that you can put it directly into your mouth without touching your facial hair.

We also shared more tips on that but this is the general idea.

Drinking your favorite drinks is also tricky especially if you can’t use drinking straws. If you have anything with cream make sure you use lids.

Finally, remember that it is not always possible to keep your beard clean when eating. You should live with that. If you can wash it immediately after you eat you will be completely fine.

If not use cleaning wipes and wash it when you get back home.

And…that’s it for today’s article!

I really hope you found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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