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king leonidas beard

Gerard Butler played the role of the mighty King Leonidas in the superhit film 300. Indeed, his acting was outstanding, but what became even more popular was his unique and quite enticing beard style and physique.

But, what exactly is this famous beard and why it became so popular?

The popular King Leonidas beard is actually a stylish beard style that is called a boxed beard. It’s kind of a full beard but with sharp contours and lines. The beard resembles a box shape around the jawlines, and hence the name. The one that you can see Gerard Butler flaunting in the movie 300 is the long boxed beard.  

King Leonidas Overview

King Leonidas or Leonidas I was a king of Sparta city in around 490 B.C. In 480 B.C, he was defeated by the Persian army and finally took his last breath.

Leonidas is known for his bravery and selflessness. When he realized that the Persians had outnumbered his army, he sent everyone back.

However, he wasn’t left alone to die. Around three hundred fellow Spartans stayed back, gave their all, fought, and finally gave up their lives. Leonidas is still known for his courage, strength, and mindfulness in Greek history.  

In the movie 300, Gerard Butler was seen playing Leonidas’s role, and we must say he did a commendable job in replicating Leonidas’s personality and character. Apart from his spectacular acting skills, what glorified his look was his beard.

Let’s discuss his beard in detail!

King Leonidas Beard Style

king leonidas beard

The beard style that made King Leonidas’s character immensely popular is known as a short boxed beard. Boxed beards are basically full beards only, but with well-groomed and sharp edges and lines. If you don’t like the ruggedness and volume of a full beard, this could be the right choice.

However, keep in mind that you need to be able to grow a full and thick beard. You can’t have a beard like the legendary king of Sparta if you have many patchy areas! Right?

King Leonidas beard style or short boxed beard style has been trending since Gerard Butler flaunted it in his “300” movie.

If you go for the properly boxed beard stye without any modification, your cheek line will either have an angular step-cut or carry a straight line. The neckline will be trimmed pretty close to the jawline, unlike the movie, where you can see the beard length to be crossing the jawline.

There are three types of King Leonidas beard styles:

  1. Short King Leonidas Beard Style

Short King Leonidas or short boxed beard style is the most popular and it is similar to stubble beard. The length in this style will be around ½ inch. This beard look follows the jawline very closely. To get this look, one will have to let go of much of their cheeks’ facial hair.

  • Medium King Leonidas Beard Style

Medium boxed or King Leonidas beard will be a cleaner version of the full beard. The length will be one to two inches long. Just like the short one, this one will also have less cheek facial hair. The beard length will be close to the jawline but just a tad bit longer.

  • Long King Leonidas Beard Style

The third one is the longest of all, and the one that Gerard Butler went for. He carried a long King Leonidas or boxed beard look. The typical beard hair length will be 4 inches and above. Cheek’s hair, yet again, will be trimmed as much as possible while giving the beard a box shape towards the end.

If you ever hear someone talking about Spartan Leonidas’s beard, they are probably talking about the short boxed beard or the short King Leonidas beard.

How To Grow And Trim King Leonidas Beard?

how to grow king leonidas beard

Growing a King Leonidas beard isn’t that difficult.

Just like any beard growing process, patience will play a vital role. You need to let your beard grow before giving it King Leonidas’s style. There will be a few steps that you will have to take care of.

Follow our step-by-step guide to get the right look.

Step 1: Grow Your Facial Hair

The most important step that you must follow holistically. Allow your facial hair to grow. Whether you want to go for the short, medium, or long Leonidas’s beard style, growing your beard will be the first step.

Even if you feel tempted to trim it between, don’t do that. Let your beard grow for around six to eight weeks. (this depends heavily on your personal preferences for your beard’s length) By the end of eight weeks, you should see a full beard.

Step 2: Define The Width Of The Sides

Now you need to decide whether you should go for short, medium, or long Leonidas’s beard. Once you make the decision, take a good-quality beard trimmer and start defining the sides to create the square shape.

Give enough width to the sides for the beard to look neat and clean. While trimming the sides, you need to make sure that the area where the sides meet the cheek line is straight and looks sharp.

Step 3: Evenly Trim the Whole Beard

Take out the trimmer and start trimming your beard with ½ inch guard comb. Ensure that your whole facial hair looks even. If you see fly-away rogue hair, take a small facial hair scissor and snap them away.

Step 4: Give A Shape To The Neckline

This is the trickiest part of the whole process. Trimming the facial hair on your jawline is challenging which means you have to be extra careful in not chopping off more than required beard hair.

Take your time, look at yourself in the mirror, and carefully follow your jawline. This last step gives you the box or square shape.

Pro Tip: Giving neat and clean edges could be difficult for a few though, that’s why it is better to get a high-quality beard shaping tool that will let you trim the neckline and cheeks efficiently.

How To Maintain And Style King Leonidas Beard?

Now that you have your beard style, it is time to look after it. Maintaining a beard style is as crucial as getting the style. Here are some King Leonidas beard style maintaining tips that you should follow.

Tip 1: Trim When Required

Your beard will eventually grow. However, one crucial thing to remember about King Leonidas beard style is lesser hair on the cheeks. Once you start seeing beard growth around the cheek area, trim the cheek area.

Tip 2: Maintain The Length

By now, you know that there are three styles for King Leonidas beard- short, medium, and long. Depending on the style you are going for, trim the length of the jawline whenever required. Don’t over trim it, though; else, you might ruin the style.

Remember, you can always trim more! But, once you trim it down, there is no going back!

Tip 3: Use a Beard Shaping Tool

Getting the exact look could become complicated if you don’t have the right beard shaping tool. Beard shaping tools are readily available in the market. Buy one that has good reviews, and use it to give a nice shape to your King Leonidas beard style.

You can use multiple tools that do a specific task or buy an all-in-one beard trimmer that can do it all. Your choice.

Tip 4: Condition and Wash Your Beard

A well-groomed beard is only possible when you wash and condition it regularly. Not that you need to wash your beard daily, but four to five times a week is recommended. This way, your beard will not smell bad and will stay nourished.

There are good quality beard grooming products. We will recommend getting beard wax and beard oil. You can also purchase beard conditioners optionally.

These things will not only let you set your style correctly but also help you maintain a healthy beard and skin.

Best Faces That Suits Leonidas Beard Style

Gerald butler beard

Many people don’t think about their face types when selecting a beard style. And the same can be said about Leonidas’s beard style as well. It is essential for you to know whether a style will suit your face type or not before trying it.

Among all three, short Leonidas’s beard will suit almost everyone.

This one is said to be the safe beard style. Since the short one won’t have too much length at the bottom, almost everyone can give it a try. Another benefit of going for the short one is that it accentuates all the powerful features of a face.

For men with a heart-shaped face, we will not recommend the short Leonidas beard, though. Since this face type has either high or low cheek line-heights, medium or long, Leonidas’s beard will suit them better.

If you have an oblong face shape, your best bet would be the short one. This face type has a longer face, and long or medium Leonidas’s style will exploit their face features.

Oval face type is one of the best face types because men with this face type can try all three styles. You are blessed with an even face, and you can flaunt any style that you want.

If you have a round face type, you will benefit a lot from long Leonidas’s beard style. With a long beard style, your face will look elongated and strengthen its soft features.

Square face types will look good in medium or long Leonidas’s beard style. Even if you like the short one, we won’t recommend that because the long and medium style will make your face look even.

For triangle face shapes, your best bet would be the short Leonidas or boxed beard style. Your jawline is already sharp, and medium and long styles will make it look sharper.

Top Hollywood Stars Who Flaunted King Leonidas Beard Style

You had already seen Gerard Butler in his glorifying beard in the movie “300”; however, before it became popular as Leonidas’s beard style, it was commonly known as a boxed beard. And the boxed beard is quite popular among male celebrities from around the world.

Some of the top-rated actors we saw wearing this style are Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, John Krasinski, George Clooney, Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, and Tom Hardy.

boxed beard

These are some of the top actors who flaunted this style way before ”300” was released. The only difference is that it wasn’t that popular, and most of these actors added their own style to Leonidas’s beard.

Best 3 Trimmers To Trim Your Beard Properly

The purpose of this subtopic is not to promote these trimmers therefore we won’t make a detailed review of any of them.

But, we think that is useful for you to know what a high-quality beard trimmer looks like.

Keep in mind you won’t need to buy trimmers often. A good trimmer can last for many many years.

#Top Rated: Wahl Aqua Blade

Wahl Aqua Blade is incredibly versatile to use. It comes with four attachments, which makes the trimming process easy.

#Runner Up: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is an all-in-one men’s body grooming tool. It comes with 23 high-quality attachments and will let you manage King Leonidas’s beard style perfectly.

This is the best-seller product in men’s grooming.

#Best Budget Option: Philips Norelco MG3750

With 13 attachments and an incredibly low price, we have to place Philips Norelco MG3750 in the third position. This is the best cheap beard trimmer by far. I mean by far.

If you are on a tight budget here is your best option hands down.


We hope our guide to King Leonidas’s beard style will inspire you to try it. Whether you go for short, medium, or long Leonidas’s beard style, just make sure that it suits your face type.

Keep it well maintained and groomed, and flaunt the beard style that you have always wanted to try.

It is an awesome beard style and most of you that are able to grow thick beard will be able to get it easily!

Are you ready to create your amazing beard style look like the legendary King of Sparta in the movie 300?

Take action!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them in the comment section below and we will be happy to help.

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