How To Make Your Mustache Softer: [4 Easy Tips]

“My husband has a mustache since he was in college and now, he’s 54. He never shaved it and I never liked that. His mustache is so sharp that it feels like needles in my face and nose, I can hardly stand to kiss him.” – Marrie loves her husband Tim and Tim loves his mustache more than anything else in the whole world. “How can I make his mustache softer – please help!”

This is a generic situation that many wives and girlfriends face and get annoyed for feeling scratched by your mustache.

how to make your mustache softer

Not all of us have a naturally soft and silk mane, and that’s totally fine.

Mustaches and beards are perceived as a sign of leadership, power, masculinity, and power in men. The thicker the mustache the classier it looks.

Many popular men, like Tom Selleck and Collin Farrell, have sported mustaches over the past years. And many of us love our jagged, coarse, and unruly whiskers for they feel tough, impenetrable, and manly!

Are you one of those who love to have a mustache and beard but have an extremely thick one or the mustache hair is too dry and coarse for you that you really want to soften it?

Worry not! In this blog article, we are showcasing the simplest and easiest steps for you to follow for styling with ease and getting intimate with your partner without scratching her skin.

To make your mustache softer , healthier, and moisturized, you should:

  • Use high-quality shampoo & conditioner,
  • Beard oil containing carrier oil and essential oils
  • Comb your mustache
  • Eat healthy foods rich in biotin.

If you want to learn the reasons why your mustache is so sharp and how exactly you should use all of these beard products keep reading!

Why Is Your Mustache So Rough?

sharp mustache

During the different growth levels of your mustache, those facial hair can get challenging to handle without care.

Your food habits and the weather of the place you are living in can impact your facial hair and cause dehydration. That results in a coarse, pricky, and sharp mustache.

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Sharpness and prickliness can happen because of four factors;

  1. Harsh weather elements – severe weather conditions because of sun and winds, those hairs on your face become brittle, harder, and rougher. Bad weather damages the protective layer of a cuticle at the end of a certain hair and the other layers underneath causing your mustache to look ragged and unmaintained.
  2. Deficiency in moisture – lack of moisture makes your facial hair rough, dry, and vulnerable to breakage. Your skin generates its natural oils for daily moisturizing. When the mustache is washed by regular shampoos or strong soaps, those natural oils are stripped away. These oils must be substituted by quality natural mustache oil to make the mustache stronger, healthier, and moisturized.
  3. Cold climate – face and mustache are the most exposed parts of your body. Low temperatures can affect your beard’s health surprisingly and can completely ruin the quality and health of your mustache turning it brittle and dry. Dryness can lead to a rough mustache which is totally opposite to your goal of having a shinier, healthier, and softer mustache.
  4. Dehydration – bad weather conditions cause dehydration. But, you can overcome this problem by consuming plenty of water every day and there are high chances that your mustache will be softer than before.
  5. Improper mustache care – your mustache is always in contact with dust, severe weather conditions, and the food you eat. When it catches dirt, debris, food particles, it becomes dry and unhealthy. You can take good care of your mustache by developing a proper mustache grooming routine and using good-quality mustache care oils and natural products.

How To Make Your Mustache Softer

how to make your mustache softer

Most hairstylists and beauticians suggest choosing proper mustache care products, but it’s easier said than done. No doubt, some mustache grooming products genuinely work to keep your mustache nourished, hydrated, and soft while some don’t work at all.

Truth is, a soft mustache is an indicator of its good health. Good nutrition can help in growing soft facial hair. If you eat healthily, take multivitamins/supplements and give priority to your health; do gym, all the hair on your body will benefit.

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With a lot of grooming issues, it can be a bit challenging; there are ample ways you can choose for making your mustache softer. Turning your thick, hard, and coarse mustache into softer and silkier will be a combo of various methods that ultimately generate results.

Mustache shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, balms, oils, and waxes if chosen wisely can make your mustache softer. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to learn and implement.

Wash your mustache

Begin with facial care routine to soften your mustache. Invest in a mustache brush or soft toothbrush to exfoliate the skin under the mustache. Use the brush while bathing to remove the dead skin cells and excess oil causing the mustache to become dry and pricklier.

A clean mustache is a good starting point. Buy a shampoo that is specifically made for mustache and beard as it is specifically designed for facial hair. The shampoo cleans your skin and removes the buildup beneath the mustache.

Shampoos designed for hair are meant to clean the scalp and contain harsh ingredients. Don’t apply them to your mustache.

Apply a mild beard shampoo with the tips of your fingers on your mustache and massage the outer edges. Try reaching the roots of it. This will improve blood circulation and turn it softer by speeding up the facial hair growth procedure.

Rinse out the shampoo from your mustache. Do it thoroughly and carefully. Pat dry your mustache with a towel. Don’t go out without letting it rest for few minutes. Follow this routine 3-5 times a week. This will help remove the dirt, grime, or any food particles.

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Use A Beard/Mustache Conditioner

The next step for softening your mustache hair includes applying a quality beard/mustache conditioner. These conditioners contain vitamin E and they perform an incredible job of softening your facial hair.

The hairs of your mustache are rough and coarse than the ones on your head. Conditioner can moisturize the facial skin and minimize stubble stiffness. Give a gentle massage to your mustache with the conditioner and wash it thoroughly.

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Apply Beard Oil

Beard and mustache oil is the perfect way for beard moisturizing and conditioning. Every man with a beard and mustache is familiar with the advantages of beard oils. High-quality beard oils contain carrier and essential oils.

Essential oils add fragrance to your beard. You will notice your mustache becoming soft and tame and a huge reduction in itchiness since the day you included beard oil in your mustache care routine. Applying beard oil right after taking shower can be the best time.

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Use Beard Balm

After shampooing and moisturizing your mustache and drying it off, you can add some beard balm to it.

These balms are a kind of leave-in conditioners that are specifically designed to condition, moisturize and soften your mustache/beard. Beard balms also contain carrier oils and essential oils for the proper nourishment of your facial hair.

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How To Make Your Mustache Softer After Shaving

how to soften mustache after shaving
Olive oil

The use of olive oil is highly recommended to make your mustache softer after shaving. Olive oil keeps your mustache black and soft for a prolonged period. It also promotes growth.

Take two teaspoons of warm olive oil and massage it on your mustache and leave it overnight as it has no side effects. Wash it off with water in the morning and follow your mustache care routine. You will feel your mustache turning soft and healthy.

Calendula oil

This oil is extracted from marigold flowers. Dabbing some calendula oil to your mustache after shaving can be very effective to make it soft. The oil contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal attributes that make it highly tolerable by your facial skin.

Improve your diet

Eat those food items that enhance mustache and beard growth and make your facial hair soft. The list of those foods includes food items enriched with biotin as this nutrient works exceptionally well in cell regeneration and healthier mustache growth.

Nuts, salmon, avocado, eggs, and low-fat cheese are loaded with biotin. Drink 2-liters of water every day to stay hydrated.

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It is natural for the mustache to get rough and dry at times. In such a situation don’t be shy to use a pair of shears to trim it a little.

Following the above-given steps will ensure natural and healthy growth and you will have a strong, thick, and shinier mustache that doesn’t scratch your partner during romance. All these tips and tricks can be used to soften your beard as well.

Mustache hair is most often sharper than beard hair. Therefore, you should take care of it and help it look and feel awesome!

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Reach out if you have any questions, feel free to comment down below and we’ll answer all of your queries.

Happy Grooming, gentlemen!

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