8 Easy Ways To Ride A Motorcycle With A Long Beard

Growing a beard is a must nowadays. In fact, more and more men consider wearing a beard (short or long). It is also scientifically proven that women prefer bearded over clean-shaven men.

However, many men also love motorcycles!

how to ride a motorcycle with a long beard

So, if you have a pretty long beard and want to ride your favorite motorcycle, how will you keep your beard out of your face while riding it?

Hopefully, we have you covered!

This article will discuss all possible ways to ride a motorcycle with a long beard easily!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What Is The Problem With Having A Long Beard On A Motorcycle?

For those of you that ride a motorcycle with a shorter beard or don’t ride a motorcycle yet, here is the problem with long beards and motorcycles.

While you are riding, the wind moves your beard up and down and you can’t even see at times.

Furthermore, after the ride is over, your beard is all messed up really badly. It has an insane number of knots and it is all over the place.

The wind is crazy on a motorcycle, especially if you drive at high speed. Tangles and knots will drive you crazy after the ride is over.

These are the most common problems a bearded man will face on a motorcycle.

Now that we know what happens on the motorbike if you have a long beard, it is time to prevent it from happening, isn’t it?

Let’s dive in!

Best Ways To Ride A Motorcycle With a Long Beard

how to ride a motorcycle with a long beard

Believe it or not, many men confess that their most significant obstacle in the beard journey is while riding the motorcycle! This sounds insane because growing a yeard, or even worse, a 2-year beard is exceptionally demanding.

But millions of men love to ride their motorcycles and also love to rock a long, badass beard!

If you are one of them, here are the best ways to keep your beard out of your face when riding!

The primary idea is to cover your beard with something so that the wind cannot move it so easily.

Some solutions can be used in summer, and others are mostly for winter.

Summer Solutions

Full Face Helmet

Helmets save lives all year long. That’s obvious but so many men underestimate them until something really bad happens to them or around them.

You should wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle to protect yourself.

However, a full-face helmet is also a terrific way to keep your beard out of your face! In fact, try to put most of your beard inside it so that the wind can’t move it too much.

This way it will not be very messy when you reach your destination and it will not have tangles.

Please, gentlemen, always use your helmets! Keep in mind that there are people that love you out there!

Let’s move on to the next tip.

Braid Your Beard

braided beard

Most men who face problems with their beards when riding a motorcycle have really awesome long beards, which is required for this trick to work.

Braiding a beard takes at most 1-2 minutes if you have done it before.

Beard braids are tremendous and will make you look like a Viking! However, if you don’t like them, you can carry beard oil and your beard comb with you and when you stop riding, you break the braids, apply a few drops of beard oil and comb your beard.

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This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to deal with facial hair problems on a motorcycle!


Use Beard Ties And Rubber Bands

If you don’t want to braid your beard, a beard tie or an elastic band may be the ultimate solution for you!

This is a great way to manage your beard before you ride your motorcycle. Also, keep in mind that you can use these tricks not only for the ride but also whenever you need to take the beard out of the way.

So, grab a rubber band. Steal one from your girlfriend, hehe! Not the pink one, dude!

Don’t use the little rubber bands, the tiny ones. These little rubber bands apply constant tension on your beard and are hard to take off.

Instead, use those that girls use on their hair. The bigger ones. Fabric silk-covered rubber bands.

Wearing beard rings is also a similar way of managing your beard and keeping it tight until you ride your bike. If you like it, you can keep wearing it or take it off in a few seconds. Make sure your rings are tight enough. You don’t wanna lose them!

This method is not my favorite because you risk a bit too much. I prefer simple and cheap elastic bands.

However, if you wanna ride your motorcycle and go to an event, a beard ring will make you look really cool. Fashionable option. So, it depends, I guess.

No matter what the situation is, you need something to weigh the beard down so it doesn’t get into your face or over your shoulder.

Moving on!

Use Beard Beads

Beard beads are a piece of jewelry that you can wear on your beard. Again, some men don’t like putting stuff on their beards but keep in mind that these things will make you stand out and also look like a Viking!

Furthermore, beard beads help you keep your beard in place. They are not as easy to put as elastic bands, but they are easy enough.

Keep in mind, that you have to put them properly so that you don’t lose them while riding.

A good idea is to try this method with cheap beads that you don’t mind losing.

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All in all, this is another way to style and manage your beard like a pro.

Leather Shoe Lace

This is just a variation of the former method. Instead of using rubber bands, you can also use a leather shoe lace on your beard, make it as tight as you want and then put a bow on it.

However, treat your beard nicely and it will treat you nicely too!

Don’t be too harsh with your beard. Use low impact stuff on it!

Winter Solutions

Except for the full-face helmet you should use all year long, there are also more solutions for winter.

Let’s dive in.

Use A Bandana or A Sleeve

The concept here is to cover your beard with something so that the wind can’t move it easily.

A large bandana or a sleeve is great for doing so! Bandana is a fashionable handkerchief that people usually wear on their heads or necks.

Bandanas can protect your beard while riding a motorcycle. Take a bandana, fold it like a triangle (V-shape), wrap it under your nose and then make a knot at the back of your head.

Sleeves are even simpler. You place them like a sock. Starting from your head.

Sleeves can be fashionable too! (choose one with a badass bearded man on it!)

This method is tough to work in summer, cause it is very hot, but it is awesome if your country is cold or in winter.

Put Your Beard Inside Your Jacket

This is pretty straightforward.

If you tuck your beard in your jacket, it will be protected!

For this method to work, you should keep your head down a little bit so that your beard doesn’t get out of the jacket.

Be careful with the zip. If you mess it up, you will have a hard time.

First, take your beard out of the jacket completely and then unzip your jacket. Don’t rush.

Use Your Scarf to Protect Your Beard

In winter, it is common sense; we use scarves. Riding a motorcycle in winter is challenging.

However, scarves not only keep your neck warm but also keep your beard away from the wind. So, wearing a scarf in winter is a no-brainer for me!

Stylish, useful and also something that protects our beards? Perfect!

To Sum Things Up

Today we discussed how to ride a motorcycle with a long beard. The struggle is real when the beard goes into our eyes while riding and knots are everywhere when the ride is over.

However, if you apply some of the ideas above, you will save yourself from this headache and enjoy your ride way more.

And that’s it for today’s article. I really hope you liked it and found it useful.

If you wanna share your experience or ask something, feel free to comment below and we will be more than happy to reply.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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