The Yeard Beard Style: Pictures, How To Shape and Grow, Guide, Examples

A flowing mane has been the symbol of manliness since the dawn of humankind. There is something raw, primeval, and awe-inspiring about seeing a man with a flowing beard.

Times might have changed, but little has changed when it comes to the feelings that seeing such a mane inspires in the human mind.

Irrespective of whether you are a male with a beard or without a beard, seeing a man and his beard in resplendent glory does command attention even today especially if his beard is a yeard. (let to grow for 1 year)

In this article, we will tell you how to craft such a beard that will make you the cynosure of eyes. We will take you through the steps to create your yeard – a beard created after a year’s hard work.

Read on, and you’ll soon be able to reach epic levels of beard stardom. 

Are you ready? Let’s go!

What is A Yeard?

The Yeard is simply a beard that you have grown for one year. In fact, a yeard means a year of growing your beard without any shaving or extreme trimming. Such a beard will be longer than a regular beard, but it will be no easy feat to achieve a Yeard.

It takes intelligent grooming practices, patience, and commitment to reach this one year beard.

what is a yeard

How to grow a yeard? What are the Stages of Growing a Yeard? 

Months 1-3 Beard – Humble Beginnings

As with many things in life, the hardest part is the beginning. The first three months of your beard growing journey will have you going through many problems and challenges such as itchiness, patchiness, hair growing faster in some areas than others, and more.

These three months might feel you leaving with more doubts, questions than answers. You might find yourself questioning the intelligence of starting on your beard growing path. Your ‘weird’ looks and the ‘growth on your face’ might attract questions.

Itchiness will be your constant companion. Many people give up on their dream of a yeard at this stage. But redemption awaits the brave of heart and mind. Forget that a razor even exists. Just focus on growth at the moment. 

Note that, along with the necessary patience and diligence required to grow your beard, a healthy lifestyle also goes a long way in helping you grow your beard. Eating well, exercising, and living a stress-free life will help you achieve your goal faster.

If you want some inspiration, here is a nugget of interesting information for you.

A survey published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that stubble is the most attractive facial hair for women. At the same time, full beards are the most attractive beards for women who want long-term relationships. 

So far, we have told you about the pains you’ll have to face in the first three months of growing your yeard, but we have not told you how to combat these pains.

Well, here is how you fight the itchiness, the redness, and the irritation. Invest in a good beard care routine with beard oil, beard butter, and a good beard brush which will also make your beard softer.

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And while you must be wondering why all your hard work is resulting in itching and irritation, let us explain why it is happening.

The human skin produces sebum, natural oil that maintains the moisture of the skin. However, when you grow your beard, after a point, it can no longer produce enough oil to keep the beard and the skin moisturized.

This leads to the skin becoming tight, and the result is dryness and itchiness. 

So, as we said earlier, the solution for this is to get a good beard maintenance kit. Apply beard oil to your hair regularly to get relief from itching and dryness.

Use a beard comb to distribute the oil evenly in your beard. While these will not magically remove all the irritation, they will give you enough relief to live with it. 

Lastly, apply beard balm or beard butter. Beard balm is wax-based, and this means that it helps to seal the moisturizing agents in your beard so that the beard doesn’t become dry quickly.

It also helps to hold the hairs in place and gives them a shine while you are learning how to deal with your newly grown excess facial hair. 

Light trimming is allowed, but if you’re growing your beard for the first time, we advise that you take a professional barber’s help to do so. 

Months 3-6 Beard – The Test is Real

6 month beard

So, you have crossed the first three months of your beard growth journey.

Depending on your hair growth rate, you would have a full beard by now or are well on your way with a thick beard. You’ll now realize what your genes have in store for you like the color, thickness, and length of your beard will be on display. 

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In any case, by the end of six months, you will have a beard that does enough to get rid of any patchiness that you might have.

At this stage, compliments will start to come in for your beard. People will recognize it as a conscious attempt to grow a beard. From here on, you should be more mentally attuned towards your yeard. 

Months 6-12 Beard – How to Continue on the Path

It’s now more than six months since you set sail on the ship to achieve beard immortality. You have resisted the winds of pressure to shave and now have a beard that marks you out as a badass in your group of friends.

Let us give you some more tips on how you can keep up the excellent work. Shampoo and conditioner are your best friends now. 

We hope you have invested in a beard brush by now. If not, it is time now because a beard brush will reach those areas on your beard where your fingers can’t reach to remove dirt and grime.

As before, keep applying beard oil and beard balm for the nourishment of your beard. Trim lightly when required. 

Month 12: The fruit of your labor

Congratulations! You are a warrior who has won the battle of the yeard. Few men have walked the path that you have and come out victorious to tell the tale.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and triumph in the glow of your manhood. 

grooming tips for a yeard

Things you should take care of: Grooming tips 

As you can understand by now, while a yeard is mostly about letting your beard grow, it also needs direction and trimming.

Think of what would happen if you let the grass grow haphazardly all over your garden. It is the same for your yeard. Here are some grooming pointers that you can keep in mind while increasing your yeard. 

  1. Cut stray hairs with a trimmer or a scissor
  2. Bring beard oil and beard wax into the mix as your beard grows longer.
  3. Your mustache needs to be trimmed or curled so that it doesn’t run amok over your upper lip but you want it to connect with your beard.
  4. Don’t cut any hair that grows vertically.
  5. Shape your yeard by evening out all areas and making sure that there are no awkward lengths, and everything looks the same size. 
  6. Pay attention to your sideburns as sometimes, while the focus is on growing the beard, the sideburns tend to be forgotten. Keep them in line with your hairstyle and yeard. 

How long does a beard grow in one year? 

While hair growth depends on genetics, health, and lifestyle and can’t be said to be the same for everyone, we do have some numbers for it.

The average growth of beard hair is 1.25 cm every month or half an inch, which translates to roughly six inches of change in a year.

Famous Men that Wear the Yeard 

The yeard is not easy to spot, perhaps, because of the rigors associated with it, but that has not stopped some celebrities from wearing the yeard with pride.

Some of these celebrities who have been seen sporting the yeard are James Harden, Zach Galifianakis, David Letterman, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Dan Bilzerian, and many more.

Some of them may dye their beard but this is totally up to you.

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A yeard is the product of a labor of love. It is a symbol of abiding manliness and masculinity. While growing a yeard is undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted and one low on willpower, it is something that is not out of reach for the one who is devoted and patient enough.

Cultivate a yeard and realize the attention and respect that comes along with it. 

Growing a yeard, if this is what you really want, will give you incredible confidence and will also make you stand out from other men who don’t have long beards or facial hair at all.

A long beard makes you a more desirable male as far as women are concerned and that’s for sure.

However, the process, the journey of growing a beard for such a long time without shaving it, can be challenging. It won’t be a walk in the park.

Tangled hairs, itchiness, dry skin under beard, acne, bad smell and more are just some of the problems you will need to solve along the way.

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Is it worth it?

For me, if you are able to grow a full beard without serious patchy areas it is absolutely worth it.

And that’s it for today’s article. I hope you found it helpful.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment down below.

Are you ready to take the challenge this year?

Until next time,

Stay safe and…let it grow!


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