Wolverine Beard Style: What It Is And How To Do It?

I am sure you most of you if not all know the legendary movie X-men, right?

So, if you know this movie, chances are you also know the Wolverine character ”Logan” from X-men. The wolverine beard style immediately became really popular when millions of people watched the movie.

But, what this Wolverine beard style really is?

In short, the Wolverine beard style is the beard style that Hugh Jackman, who played the Wolverine, used to wear. It consists of a mix between mutton chops without the mustache and a full beard( it varies depending on which X-men movie you are watching)

In this article, we will give some more details on the Wolverine beard and also a step by step guide on how to shape and maintain it.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

What Is The Wolverine Beard Style?

As we have briefly covered, the Wolverine beard is the beard that Hugh Jackman wears in the superhero film X-men.

Logan who is better known as Wolverine, helped the film series reach a multi-billion-dollar level.

Wolverine is now widely known and his beard style has made men crazy for years.

What can this beard style tell for you, though?

Well, the Wolverine beard style requires thick and long facial hair and precise trim. This beard style will help you become the alpha male you always wanted.

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It is a style that will immediately grab attention and make you special.

What else can someone ask for?

How To Get The Wolverine Beard Style?

Growing and getting a beard like Wolverine is not that hard as you may think.

If you already have got a beard, you are actually 1 step away from the final result. If you have stubble beard or you are completely shaven then it will take you a little bit longer to achieve the desirable result.

Without further ado, these are the 3 steps to get the Wolverine beard style.

Grow Your Beard If It Is Not Long Enough
Choose Exactly How You Want It To Look
Shape And Shave (The Most Important Step)

Growing your beard is not that hard. You can try to create the stylish beard style even while you are having a stubble beard. You can see if you like it. If not, let it grow.

If you don’t have any facial hair, obviously you should wait at least 2 weeks before you start.

Let your beard grow. Wolverine did not have a very short beard, did he?

The first step is very close with the second. This beard style is not fixed by any means. You can be creative with your beard. You may like longer facial hair or shorter facial hair and this is actually just fine.

The most important thing is that this beard style requires mutton chops. In other words, you should trim your mustache and the middle part of your chin.

Some of you may shave these parts completely while other prefer to have short hairs there like Hugh Jackman.

It is totally up to you. If I were you, I would not completely shave the mustache and the middle part of the chin because I wouldn’t want to look too extreme.

What you will need to create this beard style?

  • An electric beard trimmer
  • A beard brush
  • A barber shears
  • Beard butter or beard oil

Instead of the beard trimmer, you can always use a razor but obviously it gives you less flexibility. A razor is a razor after all.

The electric trimmer will have all the necessary guards you will need. Also, it is a good tool to have in general if you like growing and shaping your beard often.

A beard brush will help you untangle your beard hairs and make them follow the direction you want. Comping your beard is very important not just for this beard style but in general.

The barber shears will help you trim the hairs near the clean shaven or ”stubble” area.

Also, this beard style requires long hair in cheeks and sideburns thus you don’t wanna use a trimmer to cut the split edges or the uneven hairs because it can make your beard too short.

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A barber shears is really the best on the specific situation.

Finally, we will use some beard oil that will help keep our beard clean, healthy and moisturized.

And there you have it! Congrats for your new Wolverine Beard!

How To Maintain The Wolverine Beard Style?

How To Maintain The Wolverine Beard Style?

This beard style is a rough beard style. You don’t want or need to have any sharp lines, a very clean neckline etc.

However, this does not mean you won’t do anything after you shape your new beard.

The mutton chops need to be trimmed or shaven even once in a while for example 4-5 days at most once a week.

The electric shaver will help you with that. Also, you will need to remove stray hairs and split edges with your shears every once in a while.

Washing your beard and using beard care products like beard oil and beard butter is also important for beard growth and health in general.

Finally, trim your neck hair a little bit but not stictly. This beard style gives you freedom and that’s why many of us love it.

Final Words

The Wolverine beard style is a very stylish beard style that will make you feel and look really special.

It is a beard style that really gives you an alpha male look especially if you also have a matching hairstyle.

Also, it is not difficult at all to be created because it is not very strict.

On the other hand, you will need to maintain it and do some work compared to having a short stubble or no beard. It is obvious, right?

And that’s it for today’s article. I hope you found it useful and easy to read. We try our best to stay relevant and helpful.

Are you ready to make a change and make everyone around you both men and women talk about you non-stop?

Time is now!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to write them below and we will be happy to reply.

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