Dan Bilzerian Beard Style: Length, Tips, Full Guide

Many celebrities try to flaunt their beard style, but only a few get noticed. One exception to this nearly true statement is Dan Bilzerian.

Beardsmen across the globe admire Dan Bilzerian’s beard. His beard style is edgy and sleek, and if you are also one of his fans, here in this article we will tell you everything that you need to know about growing a beard like him.

dan bilzerian beard

Dan Bilzerian’s beard is essentially a full beard. His beard remains above Adam’s apple, and he gives an angular shape to his beard with straight edges. The trick is to start trimming the full-grown beard from the cheeks and reach the temple.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Dan Bilzerian beard, what it is, how to get and maintain it, how to get a thicker beard, and much more.

Let’s get started!

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

dan bilzerian beard

Dan Bilzerian is an actor, gambler, and an American venture capitalist whose net worth is more than $200 million.

What made him immensely popular was a five-second video of the live TV show “World Series of Poker in Las Vegas,” where he could be seen sitting quietly and betting on a hand. In that video, there was a beautiful girl who was gently stroking his thick and luscious beard.

And that was it; everyone went insanely crazy over his unique full beard style. Right now, Dan Bilzerian is considered to be one of the biggest stars on the social media platform – Instagram. Dan has over 16 million followers on Instagram, and that number is growing every day.

Dan Bilzerian is blessed with gorgeous hair, and he often flaunts himself with a bare chest wearing only a tiny pair of shorts. If not, you will see him playing with a group of divas in a swimming pool or exercising in a gym. He is a millionaire, and he doesn’t shy away from spending his money!

Even though Dan was known to be super rich, what actually made him famous was this five-second video. It became viral overnight, and lo and behold; his beard style became a dream beard style for many.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s Beard Style?

As we already said, Dan Bilzerian carries a full beard style but with a twist.

It’s his signature beard style, and he has been flaunting it for many years. Just one look at his face and you will see that he is proud of his manliness. What distinguishes his full-beard look from the rest is how he trims it.

He modifies his beard towards the end, making the tip of his beard look angular and the sides edgy. Along with his full beard, Dan never parts way from his mustache. His full beard plus mustache combo is what his look is all about.

He keeps his beard neat and sleek, and the edgy effect to it makes this beard very stylish. It compliments him amazingly.

With the ongoing popularity of his beard, we can only imagine how many of you might have already tried this look without knowing how to go about it.

Be patient; we will get to our step-by-step instructions soon!

How to Grow Dan Bilzerian Beard Step By Step

If you want to rock Dan Bilzerian’s beard, here’s one tip that you must follow, and that is to let your beard grow.

We know that growing a full beard consumes a lot of time and care, but that’s the beauty of it. Your hard work will only pay off when you go through the instructions holistically.

At this point, I have to be honest with you and have to be honest with yourself. Do you have a thick and full beard? If you have a patchy beard you can read this article about Keanu Reeves beard!

His beard’s power is its fullness! That’s for sure.

Also, why bother growing a Dan Bilzerian beard if you want to chop it off in the middle of your beard growing process? It will take months, but the result will be impressive! So, hang in tight, don’t lose patience, and let your beard grow.

Here are our step-by-step instructions:

Your Beard Needs to Grow

We already told you how important it is to let your beard grow for this style because it is just a variation of a full beard. For those who have small bald patches in their beard, a full beard will hide those patches efficiently.

Never expect that you will have a full beard within a few days. That’s not going to happen. You will have to wait for a good 2-3 months to have a full beard. Stay focused and think about the outcome that you will have in the end. That will keep you going.

Time To Give Dan Bilzerian Beard Style Shape

Now that you have grown your full beard above Adam’s apple, it’s time to take out the trimmer and start giving your beard hair the Dan Bilzerian beard style!

If you look at any Dan Bilzerian photo, you will see that he pays attention to the styling process. He has been maintaining the same beard look for many years.

dan bilzerian style

The way he shapes his beard accentuates his face shape. One thing that you should keep in mind is the style that he carries, which is the angular full beard look with edgy sides that may not suit your face type. Hence, be mindful of that.

Just because he is styling it differently doesn’t mean you will have to follow the same approach; you can add your personal touch to the way you style your full beard.

Nevertheless, here’s exactly what Dan Bilzerian does:

Step 1

With the use of a good beard trimmer, you will first have to give your beard a 90-degree gonial angle.

Step 2

If you have grown your beard below Adam’s apple, you need to make it short and bring it above Adam’s apple. That’s Dan Bilzerian’s signature beard length.

Step 3

Focus on creating the tip angular with straight edges.

Step 4

Once you are done with the steps, use a beard brush or beard comb to spread it out towards the bottom. This will make your jaw look elongated.

Maintain Your Beard Well

Growing a full beard doesn’t only mean you will wait for 4 to 6 months.

You should make sure that you are taking care of it properly. You need to stimulate its growth. You can buy a few beard grooming products, which will let you keep your beard healthy. Make a habit of shampooing and conditioning your beard too.

Then there are high-quality beard oils that you can buy to enhance your beard’s health. Taking care of your beard correctly will allow the beard to grow better. Just like your scalp hair needs maintenance, your beard hair needs it too.

Along with your beard, take care of your face too. The healthier and nourished your facial skin is, the better the beard growth will be. Exfoliate your face twice every week to get rid of dead skin.

Growing a relatively long beard is not the easiest thing to do. Many problems will arise often such as beard hairs sticking out, skin dryness, split ends, and many more.

Don’t get discouraged. Just take care of your beard. It is your weapon!

Keep Eating Healthy

foods to grow beard

The secret to growing a shiny and edgy beard like Dan Bilzerian is eating healthy. Stay away from greasy and fatty food. Have more nutritious food items. Dan Bilzerian’s diet includes a protein-rich diet and vitamins. These two things allow his body to become fitter and boosts facial hair growth.

We recommend having Beta A Carotene and Vitamin A.

These two are suitable to promote beard hair growth. Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. Your face needs to stay hydrated to carry any beard look, and nothing is better than drinking water.

What To Do If You Can’t Grow A Full Beard Like Dan Bilzerian?

how to grow beard like dan bilzerian

One look at Dan Bilzerian’s beard, and you will notice how full and thick his beard is. You won’t see any skin peeping out, and there are no patches whatsoever. However, not everyone is born with good genes as Dan Bilzerian. If this happens, you may try out some alternatives.

One way to start growing a full beard like Dan Bilzerian is to apply an FDA approved product called minoxidil. This is a product that is prescribed to men who need hair stimulation. It’s an ointment that you can apply to the areas that need hair stimulation.

This treatment is targeted for hair growth on the scalp, but men with a patchy beard have tried using it on their facial hair as well. You may try that too.

With minoxidil, you may start seeing hair growth in bald areas of your cheek and neck in 4 to 6 months.

We highly recommend speaking to a doctor before applying minoxidil. Apart from minoxidil, you can try some topical oils too. These oils are marketed as hair growth oil. Try one that has good reviews online.

If ointment treatment doesn’t work, you may go for a beard transplant. Just like the hair transplant, where hair follicles are removed from different areas, and they get transplanted to the bald areas, beard transplant is done similarly. This one is the most promising technique.

Even though these are tried and tested methods, there are cases where the person wanting to grow facial hair in patchy areas doesn’t see any improvement.

What we will recommend in that case is to grow a full beard and use a beard comb to cover patchy areas. Comb it in a way that your patchy areas get covered by the facial hair.

Otherwise, your only resort will be to try other beard styles and say goodbye to Dan Bilzerian’s beard style. The only thing that will ultimately help you to get the desired look is by growing a full beard.

I don’t want you to come back here after you grow your beard and tell me hey Tasos I don’t look like Dan. Why? You are a liar.

I want you to know right from the beginning that it needs thick facial hair.

Best Three Trimmers To Get The Dan Bilzerian Beard

The purpose of this article is not to promote trimmers therefore we will only show you which are the best ones from our experience without many details.

We just want you to have an idea of what a good beard trimmer looks like in case you are interested.

#Best Choice: Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

Our first pick is Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240, which will let you trim Dan Bilzerian’s beard style perfectly. It cuts extremely precisely, is ergonomically built, and is made with German technology.

You won’t have to worry about buying a beard trimmer again.

#Runner Up: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series

Dan Bilzerian’s beard style will require precise and often shaping. This product is one of the best selling products for men. Plain and simple. All in one trimmer for head, beard and body. I can’t recommend it enough.

Third Choice: Philips Norelco MG3750

Super affordable and easy to use, Philips Norelco MG3750 is your budget-friendly option. If you can’t afford the top trimmers then this one is the best of the rest by far. These 2 Phillips items are the best-selling items in the industry.

Dan Bilzerian No Beard

dan Bilzerian without a beard

Let’s have some fun! Do you recognize Dan Bilzerian without a beard?

What we learn from this?

Grow a beard!


There you go; finally, you know all the steps involved in growing Dan Bilzerian’s beard style.

Follow each step honestly, and don’t lose patience while growing your beard. Dan Bilzerian’s beard style is a full beard, and to have this look, you must grow your beard, no other option!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog post and found it helpful and inspiring!

The impressive Dan Bilzerian beard style will undeniably make you look more masculine and girls will fall in love!

So, if you are one of the lucky men to have a very thick beard, take advantage of it by giving this look a try!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be happy to help.

Are you ready to change your beard style and look like Dan Bilzerian?

Take action, gentlemen!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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