Why Do I Only Grow A Goatee Beard?

Most people think having a goatee is the key to looking more masculine. But if your dream was always to have a fuller beard, you might wonder why you only have a goatee beard. The main culprits behind this may be your genes or age. 

Goatee beard has stood the test of time and millions of men wear this style and look fantastic. But, the vast majority of men (and women) prefers full beards.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone can grow a full beard. Unfortunately.

This post will discuss why you can only grow a goatee beard, you how to fix your goatee and make it look thicker, how you can grow thicker beard and more!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What Is A Goatee Beard?

A goatee beard is a facial hairstyle with a small patch of hair on the chin. Some men choose to pair their goatees with mustaches, and this can give the goatee a more distinct look. 

The goatee beard style is a beard style that focuses on the hair on a man’s chin. It resembles to the tuft of hair on a goat’s chin, which is, of course, where the word ‘goatee’ got its name.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional look or something more modern, a goatee beard is a great option. Renowned celebrities from Brad Pitt to David Beckham have all rocked a goatee at some point in their careers.

Unfortunately, not all men can grow a goatee that looks good. Or you might want a fuller, thicker beard and not just a goatee.

Why Do I Only Grow A Goatee Beard?

Why Do I Only Have A Goatee Beard?

But why can some men only grow a goatee?

There are a few reasons for this. First, it could be your genetics. If your father or grandfather could only grow a goatee, then it’s likely that you will have the same issue.

Testosterone levels also influence facial hair growth. But low testosterone is not usually the cause of a patchy goatee. 

Also, Alopecia areata is why you only have a goatee beard style. It’s a condition that can cause patches of hair loss, including on the face. Men with this condition may find it difficult to grow anything other than a goatee beard. 

And finally, age also plays a role. It’s harder for older men to grow a full beard because the hair follicles are not as active as they once were.

Whatever the reason you only grow hair on your chin, goatee beards are not lacking in style or masculinity. So you might want to embrace your goatee and make the most of it!

Signs You Cannot Grow a Full Beard

For some men, the ability to grow a thick, full beard is a point of pride. For others, it is simply a matter of personal preference. But for some men, growing a full beard is simply not an option.

Genetics plays the biggest role in determining whether or not a man can grow a beard. So think back to your father and grandfather. If they could not grow beards, then you probably cannot either.

After you have gone through your genes, ask yourself how old you are. Are you too young to grow a full beard? It is possible that your beard has not fully developed yet. Or you might be a little too old to grow a thick beard.

Ethnicity can also play a role. Unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also impede hair growth. But these are probably not the reason why you only have a goatee.

Some health conditions can prevent beard growth, such as Alopecia areata. If you don’t have any such condition, then look at your family history or age to know whether or not you can grow a full beard.

But worry not; you can still grow a fuller beard or make the most of your goatee!

How To Grow A Fuller Beard

full beard

Growing a beard can be challenging, but achieving the perfect look is worth it. To grow a fuller beard, you must start with a good skincare routine. This will help to keep your face moisturized and prevent the hair from becoming brittle. 

Ensure that you give your goatee beard a chance to grow into a fuller one. Allow your facial hair to grow out, and be patient! It can take up to 3 months for your beard to reach its full potential.

Also, try to keep your stress levels low. Exercise and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and promote hair growth. 

Eating a healthy diet is also important for hair growth. Ensure to eat plenty of protein and fruits and vegetables high in vitamins A, B, and C. Also, remember to drink enough water daily to keep your skin and hair healthy.

Once your hair is long enough, you can style it into the perfect shape. Use a beard trimmer to create clean lines, and use beard oil to keep the hair soft and hydrated. 

To make the cheeks look darker, use an artificial darkener. That’s probably the last resort, but it can add some volume to your goatee. A great beard dye is just what you need to make your goatee look great!

Using Keratin hair fibers can be a great option. Keratin hair fibers are made of natural protein that helps to thicken and strengthen your hair. When applied correctly, they can help to fill in any gaps or patches in your beard and make it look fuller and thicker.

Using Keratin hair fibers is an easy way to improve the appearance of your goatee and make it look its best. Just make sure to choose a high-quality, safe product on your skin.

Some more ways to thicken your beard:

  • Take Care Of Your Skin
  • Exercise
  • Drink Lots Of Water
  • Apply Beard Oil
  • Minoxidil
  • Taking Vitamin Supplements
  • Beard implants
  • Micro-Needling
  • Beard Fillers
  • Hormone Therapy (you MUST follow your doctor’s advice on testo)

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How To Look Good With A Goatee: Awesome Goatee Styles

Van Dyke

van dyke beard

The Van Dyke beard is unique beard style that has a fully grown goatee along with a mustache. However, the mustache and the goatee are not connected. Also, more often than not, both the mustache and the goatee will be long and pointy. The mustache can also be handlebar.

Long Goatee

A long goatee is a beard that has longer chin hair, which goes beyond Adam’s Apple. This beard style requires a clean-shaven jawline and cheeks with a regular mustache. If you don’t like the traditional goatee style, opt for the long goatee that gives you way more flexibility.

Here is how to grow a long goatee like a pro.

Braided Goatee

braided goatee style

If you have finally decide to grow a long goatee, you can also braid it from time to time. This will elevate your style and make you stand out from the crowd for sure. The braided goatee is way more stylish than the traditional short goatee that millions of men wear.

Pointed Goatee

The pointed goatee is the ”ducktail” version of the goatee style. Hair on the chin should be about 4 inches long (10cm) and styled with beard wax to stay in place. This style created the illusion of a more angular face and it is perfect for guys with chubby or round faces.

Goatee With Stubble

goatee with stubble

This style is my favorite goatee style. I know, sometimes, goatees may not look good on you. However, if you pair a nice goatee with a mustache with a little bit of stubble on your cheeks can really make the difference.

And no. This is not a full beard. It is a still a goatee. Because your goatee will be much longer than the short stubble on the sides. However, the style is more pleasant to the eye cause it doesn’t go from hair on the chin to no hair on the cheeks. It is more gradual and smooth.

If you have some hair on your cheeks, try this style for sure!

Conclusion on Why You Only Grow a Goatee Beard

Growing a beard is an art that will result in looking like a champion. But beard growth factors like genetics, age, and ethnicity play the biggest role in whether or not you can achieve the beard of your dreams. 

If you only have a goatee, don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to make the most of your facial hair. You might want to follow a good beard care routine and healthy habits. Also, use keratin hair fibers and artificial darkeners to make your goatee look fuller.

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With a little patience and care, you can achieve the perfect beard. You need to train your beard to grow in the right direction.

Some guys grow awesome goatees. Goatees are not for everyone. You can always shave yourself or try to grow a fuller beard with a variety of ways including beard transplant.

The thing is that the most important beard growth factor by far is genetics. So, naturally you cannot do very much. Yeah, maybe low testosterone levels, grooming habits and a healthy lifestyle can undeniably help but not as much as others make you think.

I am being completely honest here. Truth hurts sometimes.

And that’s it for today. I hope I answered your questions in a helpful manner.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below and we will be happy to reply.

Thanks for reading.

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