Ultimate Guide To Forked Beards [Beards That Split In The Middle)

It’s tough when seeing your beloved beards split in the middle, isn’t it? Actually, this is a problem that many men are facing and there are probably millions that would also face it if they grew their beards long enough.

Forked beards look so weird but today we will discuss why some men do have them and which are the best ways to fix them. Finally, we will see some great beard styles to wear if your beard is forked that will make you look awesome.

beard split

Most often, beards split in the middle because of genetics. The middle point of some beards stops growing after it reaches a certain point while the left and right part continues to grow longer and longer. This results in a category of beards looking like a fork hence their name.

Let’s dive into some interesting facts and solutions to this problem!

Are you ready?

What Is A Forked Beard?

As most of you already know, a forked beard is just a long beard that splits in the middle. This happens when the middle part of the beard grows slower than the left and the right part.

It is similar to an inverse ducktail beard!

What I want to let you know after having seen a lot of men near me and read hundreds of comments on online forums is that you are not alone.

Growing a long beard for example a yeard (1-year beard) will bring this problem to the surface for many more men than someone would expect.

Many men think that they don’t face the forked beard issue and that’s normal because they probably wear short beard styles. But, if they let their beards grow, I guarantee they will be surprised by the results.

This weird phenomenon can be regarded as a beard style and has been worn by many famous men in the past for example Jacques De Molay, the last Grand Master of Knights Templar, and Alfred von Tirpitz, a German grand admiral.

Why Do Some Beards Split In The Middle?

There are various reasons that can lead to a forked beard. However, the bad thing is that by far the most common one is genetics.

Genetics plays the most significant role in beard growth in general. Some men grow thicker beards than others and that’s ok. We can’t go against our DNA.

Maybe some years later we will be able to safely alter it, though. But, that’s a whole different discussion.

For now, keep in mind that you may have done NOTHING wrong. It is your genes to ”blame” for your beard splitting.

Some other factors that can sometimes play a role are:

  • A non-existent or a bad grooming routine
  • A wrong use of hair dryer
  • Dermatitis
  • Stress
  • Low-quality beard products

Before starting to blame your genes, please make sure you do all the right things you are supposed to do as a bearded man.

On this site, we share a ton of grooming tips, styles, products, and all the stuff you need to take care of your beard.

Wash your beard, brush it few times a day, apply beard oil, respect your beard if you want it to respect you.

Sorry if I sound strict or anything but on this site, we talk facts and no bs.

If you have done everything right and when you let your beard grow, it starts to split in the middle then you can safely say that you have the forked-beard genes.

Ok, let’s suppose you have a forked beard. Is there anything you can do to fix it?

Let’s find out!

How To Fix A Beard That Split In The Middle?

First things first, fixing a splitting beard is not an easy thing to do. In general, it is very tough to change anything related to genes.

But, we have the best possible solutions for you.


This might not solve the problem from its origin but it can fix how your beard looks. Try to brush the 2 long sides of your beard towards the middle. You can also use some wax and a high-quality hair dryer with low heat to make it stay there.

In simple words, try to cover it. This is the first thing that you will need to try.

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Obviously, this solution is far from perfect. When the wind is blowing, your beard may split again. And this can happen much more often than you realize.

Even when you are driving a car with an open window. But, guess what. It is still somewhat good.

Moving on.

Braid Your Beard

The next ”solution” that will definitely solve the problem of a splitting beard is to braid your beard. Many men who grow long beards already braid their beard. Some of them even use jewelry such as rings.

This is a very nice way of dealing with this issue and not fearing so much that it will split again if something happens.

How To Braid A Beard Easy?

  • Wash And Comb Your Beard
  • Apply Beard Oil
  • Split Facial Hair On The Chin Into Thirds
  • Start Braiding By Putting The Right Part Over The Middle One And Then The Left Over The Middle
  • Repeat
  • Tie It Off

And that’s it! It will literally take you 2 minutes to do when you get used to it! No joke!

But, it also has its drawbacks.

Will you be able to go to an interview or job with a braided beard? Probably not.

Do all of you like a braided beard style? Probably not.

Trim It

I get it. Not a single man that has grown a long beard with effort and tears wants to ever trim it shorter.

But, stay with me.

Your beard will always be forked. It ain’t gonna change in a month or two.

Trimming your 2 sides closer or at the same length as the middle of your beard will elevate your style a lot and relief you from the continuous thought of your ”imperfect” beard.

Remember guys, billions of men worldwide are not able to grow a proper beard! (Yeah, China is a big country!)

You can consider yourself lucky that you are able to grow a nice beard!

Either choose a stubble style or trim your sides shorter.

Here are some short beard styles you may like

  • Heavy Stubble Or 10-Day Stubble
  • The Full Short Beard
  • The Beardstache Style
  • The Wolverine Beard

And there are a lot more. If you ask me go for the 10-day stubble. Women love it. You will love it. You only need to trim your beard with the 4-5mm guard once a week. Easy maintenance.

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Best Beard Styles For Forked Beards

There are many of you that accept the fact that they have a forked beard and they don’t care so much to change it. And that’s actually ok!

Here, we will see some ideas of forked styles that you may like.

French Fork

french fork

This style is still considered a full beard! You need to grow your beard long enough. Naturally, the middle part won’t follow the growth of the 2 side parts.

The fun thing is that in past years, this was an actual stylish and distinctive beard style and men didn’t want to fix it. Nowadays, we don’t see this style very often.

However, this may not be that bad. It will make you stand out from other men!

This is definitely not my style. I would not wear it myself however feel free to try it. Try whatever makes you feel more confident! If you like it, no one else can judge you. You are the one who take decisions about yourself, aren’t you?

Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp, who played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, was the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

He made this style popular once again.

His pirate beard style is very special and unique. Obviously, his style is a little bit weird and overwhelming but still, you get to see the style in action!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is one of the ugliest men in the world. Well, obviously, I am joking! He is decent.

He does have a forked goatee and he doesn’t hesitate to let it grow from time to time.

However, you can’t make a safe conclusion because he is so handsome that he can look good with a buzz cut, with long hair, with a beard, with a goatee, without a beard, etc etc!

Amish Forked Beard

Amish men usually grow their beards very long and they shave their mustaches. As we have previously discussed, growing a beard very long can bring the splitting beard issue to the surface.

Again, I am not a huge fan of this style but if you like it you may give it a try. I am just giving you the options here.

Wolverine Beard/ Mutton Chop Beard Styles

One of the best beard styles that doesn’t require facial hair to the chin area is a Mutton Chop beard style.

The most popular mutton chop style is the Wolverine beard that obviously took its name from the fictional character of X-Men.

Hugh Jackman wears his Wolverine beard and looks epic and very masculine.

Obviously, since you don’t have a patchy chin (facial hair there just grows slower than the rest of your beard) you don’t need to wear this style. But, undoubtedly, it is a cool idea and some of you may try it!

To Sum Things Up

The most important thing that I want you to remember after reading this article is that the problem of beard splitting in the middle is way more common than people think.

The vast majority of men do not grow yeards or very long beards. By doing so, they don’t realize that they do have this issue.

In this post, we discussed the reasons why some men have forked beards, how to fix this problem, and some beard style ideas.

I really hope you found our post helpful and interesting.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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