Henry Cavill Beard Styles: Mustache, Stubble, Beardstache

The Superman actor Henry Cavill is dashingly handsome.

From a clean-shaven look to flaunting a different beard style, Henry Cavill carries off every beard style with panache. No wonder it feels like he is a superman in real life too.

henry cavill beard

Henry Cavill is among those good-looking actors who never fails to surprise us with his stunning bearded looks. The top beard styles that Henry Cavill has carried off so far are full beard, stubble, and 5 o’clock. He has also been seen in beardstache frequently.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Henry Cavill beard styles, how and maintain them and much more!

Let’s get started!

Who Is Henry Cavill?

Henry Cavill, whose real name is Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill is an English actor. He was born in Saint Helier, Jersey, on 5th May 1983, and is known for his impeccable acting in Superman.

Other than Superman, other popular movies of Henry Cavill are Enola Holmes, Immortals, Night Hunter, Stardust, and The Cold Light of Day.

Interestingly, Henry met Russell Crowe while playing rugby. He was only 16 at that time; hardly did he know that he would act with Russell Crowe in Man Of Steel. Henry started his career with Laguna in 2001 and got an opportunity to sign another movie called The Count of Monte Cristo in 2002.

Other than these movies, he appeared in different television series and films for the BBC, such as Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Midsomer Murders, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, and more. Henry also played supporting roles in Tristan & Isolde, Red Riding Hood, Hellraiser: Hellworld.

For 2004’s Superman: Flyby, Henry Cavill was chosen first; however, he was replaced by Brandon Routh. He was also selected for Daniel Craig’s role in Casino Royale, 2005’s James Bond movie. The producers somehow preferred Denial Craig, and ultimately Henry Cavill was replaced again.

Finally, he was cast for Man of Steel and played the role of DC Comics character Superman. Henry Cavill was also seen in 2018’s Mission: Impossible-Fallout.

Henry Cavill Beard Styles

Full Beard
henry Cavill full beard

One of the famous beards that Henry Cavill often flaunts is his full beard. A full beard takes time to grow, but once you grow it, you can wear it and maintain it easily.

Cavill looks exceptionally sexy in this all-natural full beard style without any modification. It makes him look rugged and masculine. Cavill can be seen flaunting a messy to neatly trimmed full-beard.

5 O’clock Shadow
henry Cavill 5'clock shadow

Here’s another beard style that Cavill tried and rocked. That style is 5 o’clock.

This beard style requires a day’s worth of growth after a clean shave. Someone with this beard style looks neat and clean yet exceptionally classy and super-hot. As a bonus, this look is relatively easy to achieve and maintain.

Stubble Beard
henry cavill stubble

Cavill is born with an impressive bone structure, so a stubble beard looks hugely good on him. This is one beard style that goes well with any outfit and occasion.

Cavill has a sharp and square jawline with striking eyes. Yet again, another easy-to-carry beard style that works on most of the face types.

henry cavill stubble

A beardstache is a combo of beard and mustache. Although a full beard requires a mustache, a beardstache will have a more extended, longer mustache than a classic beard.

This look is trendy among men, and since Cavill sported this look, men with good features have become a true fan of it.

How To Grow And Trim Henry Cavill’s Beard?

Henry Cavill has tried different beard looks, which means each beard style will require other trimming processes.

Don’t worry; we will cover all the beard styles of Henry Cavill and share step-by-step instructions for each one of them. Let’s start with the full beard.

henry cavill

Full Beard

Step 1: Grow Your Beard

To get the full beard look, you will first have to grow your beard.

Henry Cavill tries both messy and neatly trimmed full beard look. Hence, the first step is to let your beard grow for a few months. In the initial phases of growing a full beard, you might see some patches, but don’t feel tempted to shave your beard. A full beard can hide patches easily.

Also, growing a full beard will take some time. It usually takes up to 2-3 months to get the full beard look. But Henry’s full-length beard is not long; hence, two months of beard growth should be enough.

Step 2: Maintain Your Beard

A full beard will require some maintenance; although not a lot, you will have to take care of your beard. There are beard grooming products available; you can get a few. Regularly shampoo and condition your beard to maintain excellent health of your beard.

Once you are done with shampooing and conditioning your beard, always use a good quality beard oil. This way, your beard will retain its shine. Ensure to wash and exfoliate your beard too.

Step 3: Pick Your Trimmer

Once you feel that you have a full beard, think about the beard length that you want to go for. Cavill has always sported ½ to 1-inch-long beard length. If you’re going to copy Cavill’s full beard, trim your beard to this length.

Before trimming your beard and giving it a nice shape, use a beard brush to brush it. This way, your beard hair will be detangled.

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Don’t remove a lot of beard hair from cheek and neckline, that’s not something that Cavill does. He carries an effortless full beard style. After trimming it, use a pair of scissors to remove all the stray hairs.

5 O’clock Shadow

Step 1: Get A Clean Shave

There are different versions of the 5 o’clock shadow beard; however, Henry Cavill sports the one-day 5 o’clock shadow. Although, it may take 24-48 hours for some to get this desired look. It all depends on how fast your beard grows. Use a good shaving razor, and give yourself a clean-shaven look.

Step 2: Wash Your Face

After 24-48 hours, once you feel that you have grown ¼ inch of beard, wash your face neatly to open up the pores. Before you go and trim your beard in your cheek areas, it is a better idea to trim your beard in the neckline area.

Step 3: Trim Your Beard

If you have ended up waiting for more than two days, you will have to take out your trimmer and trim your beard. Remember, the desired length is 1/4th. Set the setting of the trimmer that way and trim your beard.

This style needs to be short. Its length is approximately the length of a 1-day beard. If you don’t wanna shave with a razor, choose a very precise beard trimmer that can trim facial hair very short.

Stubble Beard

Step 1: Choose The Right Length

Different people choose to go for different stubble beard lengths. However, 3mm is the standard length for a stubble beard.

Step 2: Start Trimming

Before you begin to trim your beard:

  1. Don’t forget to wash your beard and brush it nicely to remove impurities and detangle your beard.
  2. Use a good quality trimmer and use the desired setting depending on how long you prefer your beard to be.
  3. Start trimming your beard, including the neckline. Your mustache should have the same length as your stubble.

Use a razor to give shape to the borders, which are your cheek and necklines. Stubble goes well with a patchy beard as well. Since the length of the beard isn’t too much, your patchiness doesn’t become outright evident.

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Step 1: Focus on Beard Growth

For a beardstache, you will have to grow both your beard and moustache. As we already shared, a beardstache will have longer mustache. You can decide how long you would like your beard to be, but do keep in mind that the main focus will be your mustache.

Hence, allow your facial hair to grow but always keep it shorter than your mustache.

Step 2: Trim Your Beard

After 2-3 weeks, you will see a good amount of beard hair on your face. Take a pair of scissors and cut your mustache hair to keep it just above the upper lip. Keep it at a reasonable degree as Henry does, and don’t let your mustache cross your upper lips.

For the beard, you can go for any length that you want. You can get a stubble beard, a full beard with shorter length, and so on. Set the right setting for your trimmer and trim your beard hair.

The best one is the stubble with mustache.

The crux is to keep your mustache length longer than your beard. Once done, use an electric shaver to shape the borders of your beard.

How To Maintain And Style Henry Cavill Beard?

how to maintain henry cavill beard

By now you might have understood that there is not one beard look that Henry Cavill has tried. There are multiple styles. Normally maintaining any beard style will require a few fundamental steps, and these steps will remain similar for all of the beard styles.

For example, you need to wash your beard regularly, comb it daily, use beard oil, and finally trim it whenever required. It is the trimming part that will vary from one beard style to another.

All the beard styles that Henry has tried look effortless on him, and his beard suits him because he maintains it pretty well.

Here are a few things that you should also do.

Step 1: Groom Your Facial Hair Properly

Make grooming a routine and habit. Scrub and exfoliate your skin. Once done, make sure to add some nice moisturizing lotion on the face. Your skin needs to remain hydrated for the beard to stay well-maintained.

Also, whatever grooming routine you follow, make sure to groom your neck as well. After cleaning your face and neck, apply beard oil. Beard oil will keep the beard hair hydrated and healthy.

Step 2: Trim Your Beard Hair According To The Style

Whether you are trying Henry Cavill’s stubble, 5 o’clock, full beard, or beardstache , remember the length of the beard hair, and whenever the beard needs trimming, use the right setting for the beard trimmer and trim your beard.

To get a sharper look you can use an electric shaver.

Top Three Trimmers To Go For

The purpose of this article is not to review trimmers. However, we think it would be useful to some of you to know which are the best trimmers on the market that will help you get your awesome beard style!

Let’s discuss them very briefly.

Best Recommended: Remington MB4045B

Remington MB4045B is best for full beard. It is robust, durable, comes with 3 length combs, and gives you a precise and detailed trim.

  • Suitable for full beards and long beards.
  • Fantastic features

Reasonable price

  • Require a long time to get fully charged

Runner Up: Braun BT3040

For stubble and 5 o’clock beard style, we recommend Braun BT3040. This beard trimmer comes with a 39 length setting and ideal for many beard styles.

  • Fully washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel-friendly
  • Charging time

Budget Option: Braun Beard Trimmer BT3221

The good thing about Braun Beard Trimmer BT3221 is that it is affordable. If you want to try Henry Cavill’s beardstache look, we will recommend this one.

  • Lesser full charging time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ergonomic built.
  • Not waterproof


Try out all the Henry Cavill beard styles and look as good as him.

No matter which beard style you would like to go for, just remember to take care of your beard. Keep it healthy, and rock any Henry Cavill beard style!

In this article, we discuss all Henry Cavill beard styles, their main characteristics and how to get them.

Henry is one of most handsome and famous men worldwide.

Follow his style and you won’t regret it!

And…that’s it for today’s article! I really hope you found it helpful!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be happy to help.

Are you ready to get Henry Cavill’s beardstyle today?

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