13 Best NBA Beards: Bearded Basketball Players

Sometimes, a look just isn’t complete without a fully grown beard.

These NBA players have all rocked an awesome beard at one point or another, and some have even made it their signature. (Hello James Harden!)

From short stubble to a longer, tailored length, these players prove there’s not a beard style that fits everyone. Each one of us has his own preferences.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the best beards in NBA to get inspiration or simply want to get styling ideas from bearded players, you’ll love our collection of famous beards.

Without further ado, here are the 13 best NBA beards to get ideas!

Best Beards In The Nba

Long Beards

james harden beard

James Harden is the synonym of beard in the dictionary! His nickname is ”The Beard”.

Harden looks awesome with his long thick beard. Without a beard, he is not that impressive! Sorry, James!

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James was drafted in 2009 and at that time didn’t have such an epic beard. Later on, his beard became his signature. Anyone who wants to compete with him knows he has a serious competitor!


best nba beards

Kyle O’ Quinn has a really really thick beard. Someone would think it is unreal!

Genetics has made a great job here. He sports one of the greatest long NBA beards.

Kyle O’ Quinn has played to Orlando Magic, NY Knicks, Pacers, and 76ers and actually was a decent player.


tyson chandler beard

My boy. Tyson Chandler. Former Maverick and NBA Champion 2011! This dude not only has an outstanding beard but also helped my team, the Mavs, get our very first NBA title.

Tyson used to grow a really long beard for quite some time but when he wanted he was taking the time to trim it and make it neater. Not always though.

Thank you for everything, big man!


quincy acy beard

Quincy Jyrome Acy was another professional NBA player with a really thick long black beard. The difference between his beard and other guys’ beards is that he trims his mustache very short or shaves it completely.

His beard style is ducktail but without a mustache.

Amazing generics!

Short Stubble Beards


Probably the best dunker of all time. Who can forget his dunk with Team USA at the Olympics?

Vince Carter is always taking care of himself and looks great. He wears a stubble beard. Pretty close to a 10-day stubble.

He looks so good probably because he is also a former Maverick…I am joking!


JJ Reddick beard

Jj Reddick. The snipper!

One of the best shooters in NBA history. Very good NBA career and a bright future with his podcast. He should stay around basketball for sure.

Reddick, cause I can’t say JJ, JJ is always JJ Barea, is always good looking.

He wears a very well-groomed stubble beard. He only wears different types of stubble. Some times shorter other times a little bit longer, the baseline is he wears short beard styles and he does it well.


Kevin Love Beard

Kevin love is undeniably one of the most handsome NBA players according to many women.

Kevin wears a 10mm beard which is longer than Reddick’s and Carter’s beard but still a short beard style.

This beard style needs about 25-35 days to grow from clean-shaven. Love does have thinner facial hair on his cheeks but overall he has a very nice beard. Not as thick as some other guys but it is not very patchy.


8. Spencer Dinwiddie

spencer Dinwiddie beard

Spencer Gray Dinwiddie proved everyone wrong. Whether you believe it or not, Spencer was a 38th draft pick in 2014. In his rookie year, he only played 34 games in the NBA with Detroit Pistons and then he was playing in the D-league.

Spencer sports a very well-groomed goatee. Very defined. Sometimes long, other times shorter.

Awesome style especially for those of you that are not able to grow full and thick beards.

9. J. R. Smith

j.r. smith beard

J. R. Smith, an extremely talented player that somehow didn’t achieve as much as he could! I used to love JR…

Until he rebounded the ball and instead of shooting it, he dribbled towards the center of the court. Bron couldn’t believe it! I will never forget this moment!

As far as facial hair is concerned, JR a few times sported a full beard but for the most part he was wearing a goatee. A very nice traditional goatee.


chris bosh beard

Another amazing player. An all-star caliber player that helped Bron and Wade bring 2 championships to the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013.

I am very unsure if Chris could grow a full beard. He was always wearing his favorite beard style. The goatee!

It is very rare to see Chris Boss without his goatee!

Bonus Beard Styles


chris andersen beard

Chris Andersen played 16 years in the NBA. He is very well-known for his nickname “Birdman,” his weird personality, and his colorful tattoos. 

He didn’t look like an NBA player however despite the fact that he didn’t average more than 8 ppg he was very successful in his career.

The Birdman has a blonde ”Viking-like” beard style. His beard is one of my favorite NBA beards of all time.


nikola mirotic beard

Nikola Mirotic is a Montenegrin-Spanish professional basketball player that played in the NBA for 6 years.

He was a decent player averaging more than 10 ppg in all of his NBA seasons. His best NBA season was in Chicago in 2017-2018 when he averaged 16,8 ppg and 6,4 rebounds along with 42,9% 3p shooting.

Nikola has a very thick outstanding beard. Without his beard, you may not even recognize him! Another awesome beard style you can try if you are lucky enough to have similar genetics.


lebron james beard

Lebron James doesn’t need a long intro. Whether you like him or not, he is one of the greatest players to ever play our favorite game.

He has always had a relatively short beard. Recently, gray hairs turned up! Time flies. No one stays young forever. Even if he tries the hardest. Even King James.

”Cleveland This Is For You”

Just A Kid From Akron!

To Sum Things Up

Today, we saw and briefly discussed the 12 best NBA beards.

I tried to make this collection wide by including long, short, and goatee beards.

Some of you may want to try these styles and get ideas from this post but you may not have the genetics to do it.

If you have patchy areas try a goatee!

If you just have thin facial hair on your cheeks try a short beard style that will create the illusion that your beard is fuller. When you have a longer beard the patches are instantly seen. If your whole beard is shorter the patches are less seen.

If you only have 1-2 small patches growing a long beard may be enough to cover them.

I really hope you found this article interesting and had some fun!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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