Mariano Di Vaio Beard Explained: [How To Look Like Him!]

Welcome to Mariano Di Vaio beard discussion!

Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian model, entrepreneur, blogger, actor and fashion designer. Over the years, he has promoted various popular brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss.

Mariano was born on May 9, 1989 in Assisi, Italy. Mariano left Italy at eighteen to pursue his acting and modeling careers-dreams. Prior to that, he worked for one year as a model in London.

Mariano has also published a book and, he has created his line of jewels, a collection of shoes, clothes, etc.

You can find his gallery at Finally, he is married to Eleonora Brunacci since 2015 and they have 4 children as of now.

As you can easily understand, he is a very busy man.

However, this didn’t stop him from looking great. He takes great care of his body and hair.

So now that you know who the guy is, let’s get into it and talk about his beard!

Mariano Di Vaio Beard Style

mariano di vaio beard style

Most of the time, Mariano Di Vaio has short facial hair. He prefers the 10-day stubble or even the heavy stubble (heavy stubble is similar but a bit longer than 10-day stubble).

This beard style suit him the best because he doesn’t have a very thick beard. As we have discussed several times on this website, if you have patchy areas, you better keep your beard short, so that these areas are not very visible.

There are only 2 ways you can hide patchy areas.

The first way is to grow short facial hair like medium stubble or the 10-day stubble. If you have short facial hair, the contrast between the areas you grow thick hair and the patchy areas is not very high.

The second way to hide patchy areas is to grow a very long beard and brush your facial over the patchy areas. This isn’t my favorite way cause if you have many or large patchy areas, you will not manage to cover them effectively and your beard will look very weird.

Moving back on Mariano’s beard style.

Scientific studies have shown that heavy stubble is the most attractive beard style among both men and women. Therefore, we highly recommend our readers choose this style and look better than most other men.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some dudes that wear long beards and look very masculine and badass but these styles require time, money, effort and dedication. Furthermore, you can’t attend a formal interview with a yeard (one-year-old beard).

To sum things up, Mariano wears a relatively short beard style but not the shortest one. He still has a lot of facial hair and looks very sexy.

My girlfriend talks about him all the time but I don’t give her much attention. I won’t become jealous of Mariano! I even tell her to go and date him if she can. I won’t fall for her nonsense!

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How To Grow Mariano Di Vaio Beard

mariano di vaio style

In this section, we are going to talk about the Mariano Di Vaio’s beard, but this knowledge can be beneficial for any similar beard style you want to wear.

First of all, let’s make this clear. Beard growth is determined mostly by genetics, hormones, and testosterone levels.

Mariano doesn’t have very thick facial hair, especially on his cheeks, however it is good enough.

The average beard growth rate is about 0.4mm per day. What does this simply mean? You will need 10-15 days to grow a beard like Mariano if you start from being clean-shaven.

Besides that, it is important to add that the only thing you need to do to grow a nice-looking beard is to take care of it daily. This involves washing, brushing and applying the right beard products on your facial hair regularly.

Furthermore, to keep your beard growing healthy, strong, you should follow a healthy lifestyle which includes drinking lots of water, eating a balanced diet and exercising. This will also boost your confidence and overall health. Finally, it will boost testosterone levels, and you will be able to grow a nice-looking beard.

If it still seems impossible to grow out your facial hair, visit your doctor because you might have low testosterone levels.

You can always try products like minoxidil or a beard roller to increase beard growth, but that’s a very demanding everyday process.

Genefics, unfortunately, affects beard growth way more significantly than anything else.

So, as you can understand, the first step is growing your beard. Depending on your beard growth rate, this process can take from ten to fifteen days.

Once you’ve reached that point, trim your beard every 5 days with the number 5 guard (5mm). Once you’ve done that, you should shape the cheek lines and neckline. You can use a manual razor and shaving cream to do that. You can also do it by using your trimmer without a guard.

How To Maintain Mariano Di Vaio Beard

mariano di vaio stubble beard

In short, to maintain this style you should repeat the trimming process every 5-7 days. This way, your beard will always look neat and well-groomed.

Apart from trimming it a little bit every few days, we highly recommend you wash, brush and oil your facial hair at least once per day.

You should keep your facial hair and skin moisturized. Brushing your beard helps you remove dirt, dead cells, gives more space for your skin to breathe, teaches your facial hair to grow in a specific direction, spreads the naturals oils and the beard oil evenly across the beard and more.

That’s all it takes to maintain a beard like Mariano Di Vaio. In fact, these tips apply to most beard styles. However, long beards require much more attention and effort from your side. But, we won’t get into this in this article.

To Sum Things Up

Mariano Di Vaio is a very successful and handsome man that takes care of himself daily. This is the only way he can remain in top shape at age 34 and beyond.

Sporting a short sexy beard is a vital component of its amazing appearance. He shaves off his facial hair entirely very rarely.

In this article, we discussed Mariano Di Vaio beard style, how to get and how to maintain it with ease.

I really hope you found this article helpful and interesting.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate and write them in the comment box below.

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