9 Awesome Goatee Styles For Older Men

Goatee styles for older men have become increasingly popular in recent years.

A goatee offers a stylish and low-maintenance option for older men who want to add some character to their facial appearance.

In fact, Gregory Dylan believes that a beard typically always makes you look older.

But he also says that going from a full beard to a short facial style like a goatee can help create a younger look. Goatees are attractive, without a doubt. So it’s awesome that you’re already there.

However, which style should you choose? Let us share 9 of the best goatee styles for older men that will make you more handsome, sophisticated, and age-appropriate at the same time.

Exciting as we are? Let’s get going!

9 Best Goatee Styles For Older Men

goatee styles for older men

The goatee beard is a timeless facial hair style that has been worn by men of all ages.

Goatees can add character and personality to a man’s appearance, and can also be a great option for older men who want to maintain a youthful and stylish look.

Also, the goatee style is an ideal way to add some flair without making it evident that you’re trying to look younger. But the key is to choose the right style for you.

Let’s discuss the best goatee styles for YOU!

1. Van Dyke

van dyke goatee

The Van Dyke goatee is named after the 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke. A symbol of youth culture during the 1960s and 70s, this facial style adornment is returning to the older generations.

This style is characterized by facial hair on the chin that doesn’t connect to the mustache. Optionally, many men that wear this style grow a long and sometimes handlebar mustache.

And once again, it’s becoming the defining look for more senior, distinguished men.

The Van Dyke beard style is seen by many as a sign of confidence and maturity. It truly gives off some manly vibes. As for the color, black is the most popular choice for this style, but salt and pepper variations can also be seen.

2. Salt And Pepper Goatee

salt and pepper goatee

Salt and Pepper features a full goatee, an upper-lip mustache, and a thick crop of wiry facial hair around the jawline and chin. Known as the distinguished older gentleman’s look, the style lends itself to the older man.

Some view it as a way of gracefully aging and a physical reminder that life experiences have left their mark. George Clooney has sported this look and led the way for men to embrace their silver fox status.

The Salt and Pepper goatee is a good choice for those with grey facial hair who want to capture the spirit of an older gentleman with some style.

Whether adopted as an expression of personality or used to change one’s style, this goatee is here to stay for older men.

If you ask me, this color is awesome but if you don’t like having black and white hair you can always dye your beard.

3. Long Classic Goatee

long goatee

The older men in the room have found a great new way to stay stylish with the long classic goatee. This look is perfect for older men who want to keep up with the times while maintaining their older sense of style.

The goatee is a small patch of beard that grows around the lips and chin and can be tailored to fit each individual’s facial features.

Just for clarity reasons, a long goatee is a astyle with long hair on the chin. Cheeks and sideburns should be clean-shaven. Your mustache can be long or short.

But, if you have a long goatee why don’t you grow your mustache as well?

4. Pointed Goatee

pointed goatee

For senior citizens, a pointed goatee can be an ideal choice for those wanting to keep their look elegant and mature.

Sure. A goatee is a type of beard that typically consists of hair on the chin and lower lip, but not on the cheeks.

A pointed goatee is similar, but the hair is longer and pointed at the end, giving it a more defined and stylish appearance.

It is often worn by men who want to add a touch of sophistication to their facial hair. Some people also like the pointed goatee because it can help to elongate the face and make the chin appear more prominent.

To get a pointed goatee you should grow your beard to 4 inches or 10cm long and style it with beard wax pointing down like a triangle that ”looks” at your shoes! You get the point, right?

Pointed goatees have a lot of versatility in color and shape for each individual’s preference too! It is a great look for anyone going for a sophisticated look or simply maintaining a neat appearance.

And pointed goatee is one of the best goatee styles for older men because it adds an air of sophistication that comes with age.

5. Viking Goatee Style

Long braided goatee

If you’re an older man looking to make a statement, the Viking goatee style is perfect. Taking its cues from ancient Scandinavia, this facial hair style combines delicately trimmed, short hair with a neatly manicured mustache and beard.

Not only does it make you look distinctly masculine and badass, it will also make you stand out elegantly in any crowd. It’s perfect for older gentlemen like you to look stylish on special occasions or in everyday life.

The beard is often braided or styled in other ways to give it a more rugged and rugged appearance. Some people also refer to this type of beard as a “braided goatee”.

It is often worn by men who want to emulate the fierce and rugged appearance of the Viking warriors.

No matter what look you’re going for; you won’t be disappointed when you opt for this timeless goatee style. And if you are still determining the looks, look at these modern Viking beard styles with photos.

6. Traditional Goatee

george clooney goatee

The traditional goatee is always an excellent choice for elder men looking to make a lasting impression. We recommend the short, traditional goatee with a slim mustache for black older men.

The traditional goatee has long been one of the most classic facial hair styles. And you can wear it to length while maintaining a clean, sophisticated look. Worn with glasses, this style becomes even more refined and timeless.

Whether you’ve silver or black hair, this look will give you a debonair air.

7. Extended Goatee

The extended goatee is a facial hair trend that has continued to be relatively fashionable from its inception in the early 2000s. It’s an extended version of the classic goatee style and typically extends to just below the chin.

An extended goatee is a type of beard that is similar to a traditional goatee, but with the hair extended down the jawline and onto the cheeks.

This gives the beard a longer and more pronounced appearance, and can help to elongate the face and make the chin appear more prominent.

The extended goatee is often worn by aged men who want to add a touch of sophistication to their facial hair, and is often paired with a mustache for a more complete look.

The length of this goatee style helps give an impression of sophistication, while its color can help mask wrinkles or other aging effects. This goatee style is perfect for both older and middle-aged men.

8. Goatee with Sideburns

When you start growing a beard, why not go all the way and try out a goatee with sideburns? Sporting this goatee look is a great way to show off your facial hair and make an impression. You’ll appear professional yet ruggedly handsome at the same time.

Longer sideburns always imply a younger look and a stylish man that wants to look unique. Not all men grow their sideburns, so there is a pretty good chance you stand out.

Whether going to a wedding or attending an important business meeting, this look will turn heads. But take your time to keep it well-groomed.

9. Goatee without a Mustache

Black man goatee without mustache

If you have not chosen any goatee style yet, go with the goatee without a mustache. This look requires minimal effort and upkeep, with only the beard being grown on the chin.

It is perfect for older age groups as it helps to create a distinguished appearance. Plus, you can play with the color and length of the beard, allowing you to mix things up while maintaining a neat look. It can make you look badass.

Again, it shows you take the risk, go out of the ordinary ”goatee with mustache” and try stuff!

The goatee without a mustache creates more definition around your jawline and chin, giving the face more shape. Plus, the mustache doesn’t look good on everyone.

This style is surprisingly versatile, as it suits those who like to keep clean lines and contours to their facial hair.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities are endless, with so many options available and the ability to customize your look. Whether you choose one of these goatee styles or something else that suits you better, opting for a goatee will make you look sophisticated.

After researching various goatee styles for older men, it is clear that there are many options available that can help men maintain a youthful and stylish appearance.

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It is important for mature men to experiment with different goatee styles and find the one that best complements their overall look. By doing so, they can maintain a fresh and confident appearance as they age.

Don’t just fall for the beard trend. Look at different goatee styles and pick one that suits you the best. Try one of the 9 best goatee styles for older men above and make a lasting impression! You won’t regret it.

And… that’s it for today’s article! I really hope it gave you some beard inspiration and ideas!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

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