Lumberjack Beard: What It Is, How To Get And Maintain It

The term Lumberjack was firstly used by Canadians. The Lumberjacks are for the most part North Americans who work in vast forests transporting trees to be used for the creation of certain products.

Nowadays, there are not(or at least there are very few) real Lumberjacks because hopefully, technology has helped humans do this job with less effort.

Lumberjacks are described as hard-drinking, hard-working men(exclusively men) loggers that celebrate their strength and masculinity according to Wikipedia.

But what is a lumberjack beard, actually?

The lumberjack beard is a beard style that is characterized by long, thick, bushy facial hair. It requires great genetics, patience because you will need long sideburns, a full mustache, and a thick full beard all connected together.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the lumberjack beard style and how to get it but also we will tell you some extra details about Lumberjacks in case you are interested in their style in general.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Lumberjack Beard?

what is a lumberjack beard

First of all, I want to make this clear. There is not such thing as Lumberjack beard as a standalone beard style.

When you want to call yourself a Lumberjack, you should have in mind that your whole style and appearance should pair with Lumberjacks.

What I mean is that if you wear this beard style but your clothing, your shoes, your hair etc are not similar to Lumberjacks then ok you have a long, thick beard and that’s really it.

I know most people won’t tell you these things because they want you to be happy after reading their stuff but I always tell you the truth.

Also, the Lumberjack beard style is a beard style with long, thick facial hair all over your face. If you have a very patchy, scraggly, or thin beard guess what you can’t grow a Lumberjack beard successfully.

However, there are other beard styles that you can wear if you don’t have much facial hair such as goatees which look amazing on some men.

Lumberjack Style

When it comes to Lumberjack style, your outfit matters as much as your beard.

Remember, this is a manly style.

What you will need to get this style

  • A flannel shirt
  • A T-shirt under the flannel shirt
  • A nice basic pair of jeans(nothing fancy)
  • A pair of leather boots(brown color)
  • A Cologne with a woodsy scent

These are the basic things that you will need to get the Lumberjack style except for beard products.

Nothing too expensive, you may have them already but if you don’t, now you know what you need.

Your beard, in this modern era, may be shorter than these men in the 1900s but still, it has to be lengthy. The best thing to do is to grow a long Lumberjack yeard which is just a beard that has not been shaven for 1 year.

If you do the things I told you about, you will be just fine and everyone will look at you especially women cause remember this is a manly style. Women love alpha males.

How To Grow A Lumberjack Beard?

How To Grow A Lumberjack Beard

Growing a Lumberjack beard is not rocket science however you will need to be patient.

Trying to grow a long beard is challenging because:

  • It might be itchy
  • Some hairs may curl back into your skin
  • Your beard hairs may stick together
  • You may have beard acne and dryness

and more.

However, these things should not stop you from achieving your goal.

The products you will need for this challenging process are:

Beard Oil
Beard Brush/Comb
A Beard Trimmer
Beard Butter or/and Beard Wax

I don’t wanna overwhelm you. These are the basic things that every bearded man should and so do you.

A beard oil is needed to moisturize the under beard skin, make your beard shine and give it a good scent.

A beard comb helps you brush your beard, not allowing the hairs to stick. You use this after you have used the beard oil.

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A beard trimmer helps to create the neckline and the cheekbone line and the beard butter butter or the wax helps with styling.

Don’t forget this. The only thing that is required as far as trimming is concerned is upper trimming the hair of the cheekbones and maybe your neckline if you want.

The rest of your facial hair should be left to grow.

If your beard after months grows unevenly then you might trim it a bit to make it even but that’s it. Don’t shorten your beard!

Can You Make Your Beard Thicker To Grow A Lumberjack?

I will be again honest to you. Most people will try to sell you products etc.

The beard growth depends 90% on genetics.

Has your father, your grandfather, your brother thick facial hair? If yes, chances are you will also grow a beard. If not, chances are not in your favor but you can still do it.

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Now, the rest 10%.

You can’t change your genes but you can change your lifestyle.

Testosterone is the male’s hormone. High levels of testosterone increase the chances of having more hair across your body, having louder voice, etc.

Now, what you can do to boost your testosterone naturally?

Don’t even think to take testosterone injections or supplements. Always ask your doctor. I can’t stress this enough. Thousands of men have died because of the use of steroids.

How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

  • Exercising and Mainly Weight Lifting
  • Eating more ”good” fats
  • Minimizing stress(cause cortisol decreases testosterone)
  • Sleeping well ( 8 hours without a break)
  • Eating high protein foods and with vitamin D

In general, live a healthy lifestyle. This helps a ton not only in beard growth but in your overall health and appearance.

How To Maintain A Lumberjack Beard?

After you have put all this effort on growing your long Lumberjack beard, you need to maintain it.

Maintaining a long beard is much more difficult than a short beard but you will be just fine.

Now, you have the result you want, you have motivation.

These are the things you need to do to maintain a Lumberjack beard

  • Wash Your Beard Daily With A Natural Shampoo
  • Apply Some Beard Oil
  • Brush Your Beard Daily
  • Use A Beard Softener(Optional only if your beard is rough)
  • Use A Beard Styling Product To Create Your Lumberjack look

And that’s it. Nothing special but it needs some attention compared to a stubble beard.


The lumberjack beard is a very famous beard style that makes men look more masculine.

It is a beard style which consists of a long, thick and bushy beard and mustache.

This beard style should be paired with an overall Lumberjack style that will skyrocket your confidence and your appearance.

It is a very challenging beard style and it needs patience and good genetics.

And that’s it for today’s article. I hope you found it useful.

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Are you ready to create a unique beard style and let everyone stare at you?

Take action!

If you have any questions or you just wanna share your thoughts with us, feel free to comment below.

Until next time,

Stay safe and..let it grow


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