Viking Braided Beard Tutorial And Best Viking Beard Styles

Are you planning to get creative with your beard style by growing and styling your beard like Vikings?

If yes, then you have landed on the perfect page!

Viking braided beards

Viking braided beard styles are among the most popular Viking styles nowadays. Vikings is the modern name for Norse pirates from Scandinavia that had impressive and masculine looks.

When your beard grows up to 3-inches long – you are ready to follow the strong style that historically symbolizes masculinity and strength.

But some of you might be thinking, what exactly is a beard braid?

Let’s dive deeper into it.

What Is a Beard Braid?

A beard braid is a modern and unique part of long beard styles for men who want to look cool and trendy. They have a similar interlaced pattern that you may see with the head hair or with other diverse string-like materials.

For men who grow long facial hair, braiding their beards can help them stand out.

There are many different types of beard braids that you can experiment with but you need to have a long and relatively thick beard. You can even braid your mustache or goatee, while most guys prefer growing out a badass Viking beard.

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Beard braids came into existence and are famous for resembling the traditional Viking beard.

Vikings wore braided beards to deal with the cold weather, and later the beards became an essential part of their aesthetics.

They paid massive attention to beard care for keeping them under control on the battlefield and the farm.

The term “beard braids” or “Viking beards” many times are used interchangeably to show a massive array of braided beards of different lengths – while mostly they are of longer lengths.

With proper care and maintenance, most of us can grow a beard to wear different beard braid styles.

How To Braid A Beard Like A Viking? Viking Beard Braid Tutorial

how to braid a beard

The Vikings wore braided beards to go into battles.

Those with long beards braid them into single and multiple braids.

Although historically, they not have had a “defined beard style” that modern culture indeed has.

The beard styles now are long and full, combed and braided, worn natural or embellished with jewelry. To braid a beard like a Viking, the very first step is, grow the beard long enough for braiding.

It needs to be at least a 3-4 inches long beard to braid properly. Obviously, when growing such a long beard, taking care of your beard by maintaining, cleaning, combing, applying the best grooming products, and so on is vital.

Otherwise, you will have to deal with various beard problems that when you grow a short beard you don’t realize.

If you have never grown a long beard and growing it for the first time, then it might be patience-testing when compact facial hair turns into blockages every time you want to eat or drink something. You may have to bear it living with the long and thick beard adjusting to a bit of discomfort.

As I have discussed in my previous articles about maintaining a healthy beard, you have to follow all the essential steps first, like washing, rinsing, conditioning, oiling, moisturizing and trimming your beard.

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The diversity of braided options is pretty immense, while the technique itself is quite straightforward.

Learning and practising the method of a simple three-step braid is the headstone to getting the hang of all the styles you will ever notice.

Now here are the core details of making and wearing a braided beard.

Basic rules

  • You can only begin making the beard braids when it is 3-inches long.
  • Before braiding, apply some beard oil to make the hair smooth and manageable.
  • You should make sure you can divide your beard into three sections to make a braid.

How To Braid A Beard Like Vikings Step By Step

  1. Maintain a routine of washing and conditioning your beard with a quality beard shampoo and conditioner. Then gently dry it with a towel, apply beard oil and comb it to detangle and straighten.
  2. Divide your beard into three portions. Where you start separating your facial hair depends on the braid style you are going to make. For a Viking braided beard, begin at the chin and keep going down. Make sure all the strands are of equal lengths and fullness. If you are new, you can use small rubber bands at the base of every portion to make it convenient to handle.
  3. To braid a beard, take each section in your left and right hand to pull it over the strand in the middle.
  4. Then, take the opposite and available section and pull it over the middle strand.
  5. Repeat the steps over and over again until you’ve braided your beard thoroughly.
  6. Voila! There you go. You can add a bead or rubber band to make it look more attractive and dashing.

This braided style is the easiest way of braiding, generally made from the chin down. There are plenteous other braiding styles out there trending now.

Let’s find out the different types of Vikings braided beard styles.

Vikings Braided Beard Styles

Viking Braided Beards

Although, historically, the Vikings might not have had a clear-cut description of a “Viking beard style”, advanced culture particularly has.

Latest Viking beard styles are full and long, braided, combed, adorned, and worn naturally with jewelry.

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If you have never worn a braided beard before in your life, you might hesitate to start. Therefore, I have enlisted ten exciting Viking braided beard styles to give you an idea. Braiding might look complicated, but it’s more easygoing than you think.

  • Long Braided beard

This includes a single braid which is super intriguing and noticeable because of its super long length. You can grow as long a beard as you want for this style. The longer, the better. You begin braiding just below the chin and pull it to the maximum length of the beard. Comb the remaining part of the beard neatly for an attractive and groomed look.

  • Braided beard with beads

As mentioned above, adding beads is a way to make your braided beard more charming. You can add beads into it in different ways. You can make more than one braid and add beads. Or you can pull the one complete beard braid and put one single bead at the end. With beads, you can highlight the braids and decorate them with eye-catching beads.

  • Whisker Cornrow

For this beard style, you will need to start making braids right from the sideburns and link the braids with the one below your chin. This may seem a little neglected, but you can cut the extra hair where you feel essential. This style is unique and not for everyone but feel free to try it at least at home!

  • Braided Viking Beard

This is one of the best ever Viking beard styles out there. For this style, you should have an impressive volume of beard. Make two braids with equal distance on both sides of your chin. Braid the two portions separately as long as they can go. Comb down the left portion of your beard for a super ferocious look.

  • Assorted Braiding

This style is to luxuriate the braids as a section of your beard. Pick as many portions as you want to braid on the front end. Comb the remaining beard neatly, and if you wish, you can add on some beads to make those beards look more stylish and eye-catching.

  • Loose French beard

You have to grow your beard for a really long time to have a fully grown and thick beard to pull this braided beard style off. First of all, make a braid of your beard as you previously do for a long beard, then slowly loosen up the strands. Of course, this is for somebody who wants to have a shabby look. Be sure that you have mended the beard perfectly to prevent unneeded flaws.

  • Goatee Braid Beard

This classy braiding style is famous among youngsters out there. Your beard should be grown enough to a natural long length, and then you will trim your cheeks and create the goatee style. The beard requires decent maintenance of beard and mustache around for a more clean, nice, and gentle look, or you can wear only the goatee braid for a funky style. Perfect for guys with patchy beards.

  • Low braided beard

This is a famous Vikings braided beard style with a distinct outline. For this style, you make a braid at the lower side of the board and cover it with a thick unbraided beard. The cheek line is outlined and shape really well to lift up this style.

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  • Ponytail Beard

You will use a rubber band for this beard style to make a ponytail on the beard just like other people do with their head hair. To wear this beard style, you should have an impressive thick beard, or else you will miss out on the uniqueness of this style. Comb down the extra beard and add a decorative bead or a rubber band to tie a knot.

  •  A la Brad Pitt

The handsome and charming actor Brad Pitt introduced this incredible braided beard style to his fans. It involves trimming your facial hair to get a goatee with the tremendous volume on your chin. The difference is that Brad Pitt never grew his beard very much. You may prefer this one over a very long goatee. Your choice. Adding nice-looking beads will make this style look awesome.

Viking Beard Beads and How to Put Them In Your Beard

To rock a Viking beard with style or to dress up as a Viking in a costume party, beard jewelry comes in handy to build a stylish and classy look.

Viking beard beads are worn to beautify the beard and get noticed. There are normally two forms of beard jewelry: charms and rings.

Rings enfold around a particular length of hair and depend on the tension and volume to remain fixed.

Charms are tiny pendants that twirl into place and look like an earring for your beard. Charms and beard rings come in various different designs, materials, and colors, so pick a set of beard jewelry that looks attractive to you.

Remember! Always comb or brush your beard before wearing your beard jewelry to avoid tangles, knots, or kinks.

How can you put rings in your beard?

  1. Tie it where you want the bead to be.
  2. Grab a string and create a loop
  3. Push the loop through the ring.
  4. Pull the string.

Wherever you put the rubber band, or hair tie is where you will add up a ring. You can place one beard ring straight off under your chin, or you can add 2-3 rings to create a cool Nordic Viking look. Choose small rings for a better fit.

How can you wear beard charms?

Beard charms are an easy and simple way to make your beard look neat.

To use one, follow these steps:

  • Brush down your facial hair with a beard brush so that they lay flat and be smooth.
  • Tug your beard down
  • Hold the charm with your opposite hand where you want to put it.
  • Rotate the charm slowly and gently and push it in your beard.
  • Make sure the charm is not moving.

That’s really it. If you do it 1-2 times it will be extremely easy.

Pro tip: Use both beard rings and charms if you really want to shoot for a unique look!


Vikings braided beards will always be in fashion!

These beard styles make men look masculine and strong.

Wearing a Viking braided beard style will immediately make you stand out. You will grab attention. In a good way.

If you are able to grow long and thick facial hair please don’t hesitate to try a braided Viking beard style. You won’t regret it!

And…that’s it for today’s article! I really hope you liked it and found it interesting. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help.

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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